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We have released our new TRP version 1.03b! Read the changelog and the article for the DL link. I will add the file here during the next days!

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Here is our changelog for the new TRP version:

Changelog Patch 1.03B (December 3, 2016)

New and reworked events:

  • ITA italian surrender
  • CHI chinese surrender to Japan, korean liberation army
  • JAP northern vs. southern expansion
  • CAN Canada Air
  • USA Monuments Men
  • SOV Baltic states annexation
  • POL Peking plan
  • ROM + HUN arms build-up
  • POR portuguese legion (SCW)
  • BEL secret army
  • Raj Waziristan uprisings
  • GER "Gneisenau" emergency units + Kammhuber line + occupation of Denmark
  • ENG crisis of the Royal Army
  • GER TUR trading
  • ENG USA TUR trading
  • FIN airforce creation
  • etc.

general balancing:

  • Fall Gelb (changed some terrain types and province connections in Belgium and northern France, changed trigger conditions for belgian surrender) and other theatres (Winter War, Spanish Civil War, sino-japanese war)
  • toned down provincial AA a little bit (especially late-game)
  • reduced costs for CVEs by 50% (less elaborate construction standards compared to other navy vessels)
  • reduced possibility for ASW range exploit (no more radar for DDs and DLs, tweaked some combat distances for submarines)
  • 1939 HQs may be built earlier
  • concept on non-aggression treaties reworked for GER-SOV and JAP-SOV

Multiplayer balancing (also effects single player mode):

  • reduced pure submarine stack detection by 50%, ASW values recalculated
  • ENG receives additional manpower if Axis powers launch an ahistorical offensive in the Middle East
  • "Phoney War" now ends earlier
  • slight boost for chinese AI against a human JAP
  • "break of Versailles treaty" event will now trigger earlier if GER decides to terminate the naval treaty with ENG
  • USA may ally with ENG if Japan attacks SOV

Database entries:

  • New and reworked tech teams (BUL, GER, ITA, NOR, JAP)
  • some reworked OOBs (e.g. China, Japan, Mongolia, Manchukuo, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Philippines, India, Belgium, Finland)
  • new model names and images (e.g. catapult fighters, soviet and chinese navy, italian carrier projects, german airforce) and icons (MAN, MEN, MON, CHC, PHI)
  • several bugfixes (map, events, leaders, removed some suplicate CSV entries, solved some ID conflicts) and additions (unitnames.csv)
  • some new AI files for minor nations
  • several changes to ministers (e.g. China, USA, Norway)
  • reworked leader files for Croatia and Jugoslavia
  • adopted some of the latest changes to Darkest Hour
  • new unit experience icons for some countries
  • introduced new custom TRP ministers: Air Defense Doctrine (Chief of Air Force), Coastal Defense Doctrine (Chief of Navy), Oil Tycoon (minister of armament)
  • Many new color pictures!

You can download TRP here: Kgp-clan.org

I will upload the client here during the next days!

Stay tuned. Lord Rommel, HoI TRP Dev.

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currently downloading looks really cool

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