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We are trying to make each troubleshooter's unique animation. This a is development log of our animation making process.

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Hello everyone, This is Dandylion~!

This time, I want to tell you about our character animation development process.

If you see our promotion video or previous article, you can see some character's animation.
(You can find more article and game information here.)

Each character needs many animation parts. Punch, kick, shoot, hit, guard and etc ... We want each animation part to be unique even if it is a common move.

Ok, Introduction was too long.

Heissing final

This is Heissing, one of the abandoned children. His name came from Heixing, means 'Black star'.

He is a volunteer of our animation in this article.

Every single action has a guide that is filled with text and drawing like below.

Animation #1 - Crouching / Covering

ani guide 01

This guide affects below animation.


hei covering

Animation #2 - Leap

ani guide 03

ani guide 02

These guides affect below animation.


Every character does not jump but use their own way.

For example, Kylie, the mechanic, use her cube to move upward.

(Sorry, animation data is not ready. We'll show you as possible as we can.)

ani guide 04

How are the other actions?

( Oh, Effects are on development. )

hei atk 01

hei atk 02

hei atk 04

hei atk 03

That's all!

Thank you for reading our update and we hope you'll have a nice weekend! :D

Team. Dandylion




We have community!


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It's good works :)

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LeeKiHoon Author

Thank you, Please keep watching us~

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Looks amazing!!! Hope to see more soon!

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LeeKiHoon Author

Really? Thank you! We'll do our best!

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Love it already! Gonna follow this one to the end!

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LeeKiHoon Author

Thank you for your interest! We won't disappoint you!!

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