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Troubleshooter is a JRPG scenario game play and turn-based tactics based on-line PC platform game. Here are another changes!

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(Sorry for late update!)

Hello troubleshooters!

Here's some new features which make you exciting!

Adding a Troubleshooter's new features is never stop! Let's check hot & new features!

( * Text in video is translated into English. But in demo release, English will be fully supported. )

1. Alert system

Almost every enemies have a range of sight. If troubleshooter get in that range, enemies realize troubleshooter's existence and ready for battle. You can start battle by attacking them out of their range. If you think you have enough power and strategy, you can start a total war of course.

2. Call reinforcements

Although you have overwhelming power, enemies also have alternatives. One of alternatives is call their members. No one can assure battle's victory.

3. Various variations

You can make variables that can make change of battle field.

- Immortality:

- absorption of HP:

Oh, there's also other buffs and debuffs such like "burning", "scanning", "bleeding", "healing" and etc.

And one more news!

Troubleshooter's first demo will be released this winter and that day is not far from today. We have to do our best to meet deadline. So it'll be hard to post an article every week. After a discussion, we've decided to post an monthly update news. Naturally, There also will be a bulletin if we start crowdfunding or start beta test and so on.

That's all for today. Thank you for reading this article and see you next time!


First, Excellent update @Dandylion!!! Second, if you guys do decide to start a crowdfunding campaign, when will it begin? News of a demo is very exciting in my opinion =) Can't wait to try it out!!! And lastly, I have a question about gameplay: Will the final build of Troubleshooter have gamepad controller support? I would really like to play this game with my XBOX or Logitech gamepad =) As always, looking forward to the next update from you guys!!!

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LeeKiHoon Author

You know that? your questions are really reasonable and make us exciting!! Ok, here's our answers.

1. We will start crowdfunding this winter. There could be a delay but we don't reckon we'll last first quarter of 2017.

2. Through this project, we've realized that many gamer loves to play in console.(e.g. XBOX, PS) And we also agree that 'well managed' pad control gives excellent control experiences to the users. Under windows environment, it's not hard to support controller. Because we can take control pad's input by DirectX. We think the point is 'well managed'. Just supporting game pad is meaningless we think. Whole game UI and control also has to be changed to fit pad style. We can't let our users feel uncomfortable in game control. We think supporting the pad is positively but also think carefully.

As always, thank you for your cheers and valuable advice! :)

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So it sounds like you guys will be supporting keyboard & mouse as well as gamepad... This is extremely excellent news!!! =) I'll be looking forward to supporting the crowd funding campaign when it's officially announced!!! GO TEAM DANDYLION!!! =)

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LeeKiHoon Author


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