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Welcome to Trashyard! This game will not leave anyone indifferent and will definitely relieve you of boredom. Well, in order to fully feel like a Pro in the game, you need some knowledge.

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So Trashyard is a third-person PvP shooter in which you play as one against three opponents, who are also every man for themselves. You can choose your character with your own unique abilities.




At the beginning of each match, each player has 0 life. However, at levels you can find loot that gives +1 to lives. The more lives you have, the more chances you have to win. When you have no lives left, you will lose. Zero counts. That is, when you have 3 lives, this means you can die 4 times in a match. By finding and picking up a life refill, you increase your chance of winning.

Super abilities:

Anime Girl - Freeze.


By pressing the superpower button (Backspace by default) - Anime Girl will start shooting cartridges, which, when hitting the enemy, freeze him for ten seconds. During this time, the enemy can neither move nor shoot, therefore, you have time to neutralize the villain. Then the enemy is defrosting, and it will take you time to regain your super powers.

Robot Petya - invisibility


Besides swearing, this character also has other abilities. By activating the superpower, Robot Petya becomes invisible for ten seconds. During this time, you can hide from enemies, or sneak up on them.

Fembot - Super Speed


Fembot can run very fast if you activate her superpower. During the duration of her unique ability, you will have time to run very far, collect loot, and then come back.

Stalker - blinding.


Press the superpower button as a Stalker and shoot someone. This player will be blind for ten seconds, which will give you a serious advantage.

The knight is super armor.


The strength of the Knight is in his armor. By activating invulnerability, an impenetrable shield is formed around the Knight.

Clara - explosive cartridges.


This character is not as simple as it might seem. In addition to having a very infectious laugh, she can fire explosive rounds. A couple of hits and the enemy is defeated.

Cowardly Joe - slowing down


The superpower of Cowardly Joe is that when using it, when you hit an enemy, you greatly slow down his speed.

Sheriff is super fart.


This legendary Sheriff's super ability makes his enemies shake. As soon as you activate your superpower and shoot an enemy, a cloud of stinking farting will envelop him, which takes a lot of life.

Bot is a super jump.


The bot's super ability is high and long jumps. So it's hard to hit you, and you can jump where others can't.


Loot is constantly generated on the maps, without which it will be quite difficult to win.

First aid kits replenish health.


Armor will add safety.


The superpower replenisher will, oddly enough, make up for the superpower.


Ammo - yes, you guessed it, plus ammo.


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