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A new Forces Of Nature trailer and a Wiki page accompanies this final alpha update as we move onto the beta phase of development. Also, spike traps and snare traps.

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Firstly, check out the new Forces Of Nature Trailer to celebrate the move to the Beta phase of development!

Also, we now have a Wiki page where you can find helpful tips for playing the game!

The first new thing you will notice is the lightning. Lightning can cause wildfires which can spread when it's not raining, so they can be particularly dangerous. Luckily lightning only happens when it rains, so usually the rain will put out the fire before it spreads too far. I have made it optional on the world generation page.

There are now two types of traps, the spike trap and the snare trap. A snare trap will immobilise any animals that walk over it, if they are under 100kg. Heavier animals will still set off the trap, but will not be caught in it. Once an animal is stuck in a snare trap, you can wait for it to starve and then collect the carcass, or attack it.

20160704 DeerSnareTrap

A spike trap works differently. Instead of trapping the animal, it does damage to all animals that walk over it. To reset a trap, there is now also a new button on the side menu which works similarly to the extract, gather and butcher buttons.

20160704 SpikeTrap

Also in this update are smoother animations when objects are created/destroyed. Below you can see the animation of a carcass disappearing and materials appearing when it is butchered. The same principle applies when crafting objects, cutting down trees, etc so everything should look better overall.

20160625 ButcherAnimate

I've also improved the battle reporting for your Pokians. You can get a better idea of how damaged arms/legs are affecting a fight by opening up a tribe member's query panel and going to the "Thoughts" tab.

20160704 BattleReport

So what's next? I still have a few improvements to make in Tribe Of Pok, and maybe adding more content depending on how well the game does. With the new traps system the game can be considered feature complete.

Here's a full list of the changes:


  • Turned off automatic trap resetting
  • Added reset trap button to the side menu
  • Added maximum weight variable for traps to work
  • Added progress bar for resetting trap task
  • Display animal weights and max trap weights in query panel
  • Added checkbox on world generation page for lightning
  • Added lightning strike news event
  • Added previous name to carcass query panel
  • Allow hiding lists on right side of screen
  • Added battle reporting to include damage reduction due to appendage effectiveness
  • Added note to harvestig tutorial to not assign too many tasks at once
  • Smoothed spawning of objects animation when created on map
  • Added ability to select stockpile border image
  • Added ability to select work area image
  • Added checkboxes for borders to designation side menu

20160409 WeatherUI


  • Added reward for decreasing precipitation by 100% and changed increasing precipitation to 100%
  • Soil chunks decay over time
  • Decaying objects animate away instead of instantly disappearing
  • Lowered tundra biome base river height and added period of no water flow
  • Added humanoid meat
  • Added spike trap
  • Added decay and durability loss for traps
  • Halved time taken to reset trap
  • Increased water decay of charcoal and added bacteria decay
  • Modified average foreign tribe size increase to remain static
  • Reduced animal stacking on same hex when fighting close quarters
  • Modified scared check for animals to avoid mammoths running from humans
  • Added borders to display stockpile and work areas
  • Increased amount of time some news items stay in list
  • Allow people to step on hex where pole fire burning, but not camp fire
  • Added check to prevent trees/bushes growing on construction sites
  • Add mention of waterskin to water tutorial

20160409 SeasonUI

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rectangle select doesn't work in combat mode for some orientations
  • Fixed object shrinking not accumulating when it's supposed to
  • Fixed tool tip not appearing for gen world checkboxes
  • Fixed statistics page chart positioning
  • Fixed carcass buried in burial plot not having proper name
  • Expanded shaman initiation notification to include how to activate
  • Fixed can't combat mode set move position where objects already present
  • Changed the query panel status tab cuts/bruises tooltip to indicate effect of damage
  • Fixed damage reporting so proper amounts are reported
  • Fixed side submenu checkboxes alignment adjusting based on scale
  • Fixed crafting objects being counted towards objective even when only probability of success
  • Remove debug height from query panel
  • Prevent resources from spawning over buildings
  • Fixed tree saplings not appearing
  • Fixed wild fire not going out when spreading to burning things under water

Twitter - ParsleyPWG
Website - PokingWaterGames.com

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