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Fellow indiedb users, I'm thrilled to announce that Trapers Platformer is available both on itch.io and steam.

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The moment has come! You can help Tortuga and friends beat the bad guys! But, what is Trapers Platformers anyway?

island intro

A hand-drawn metroidvania with focus on story and exploration

Our hero, Tortuga, wakes up falling from a cliff. Not the best way to start your day! But things are about to get much worse. Why are there so many spikes in the way? Why is there a demon invasion happening in the peaceful island of Montaña Clara and why do you not remember anything about it? Unveil these and other mysteries with the help of the new friends you'll meet along the way. Find hidden treasure, powerups and maps to explore.

Watch the trailer! So many explosions!

Already available! And there's a demo too!

git it now!

peaceful orc

Meet friends along the way!

InfiniteProductions - - 10 comments


to me AWARD winning for using sketched pictures on paper for the game ! Crazy idea, so unique I guess, we don't see that very often.

Game looks nice also, I'll looking forward to it. Congratulations.

EDIT: after give it a try, there is a few tings that could be improved:

-master enabled/disabled is useless in settings menu
-a bit of shortcut keys usage as tutorial would be welcome
-when we get to the door, do we need using what looks like to be UP key or waiting for a bit, some visual feedback would be great

The note regarding save disabled in demo is great :).


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