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Post news RSS Trail of the Damned - "Hello, Cruel World" (WISHLIST NOW ON STEAM!)

Trail of the Damned recently launched its Steam page and it's summoning your wishlist! This terrifying single-player horror experience combines elements from other player favorites like The Oregon Trail, Darkest Dungeon, Sunless Sea, and World of Horror. Take a read because you don't want to turn your back on this creepy indie gem!

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trail of the dead banner art

"Hello, cruel world."

In Trail of the Damned (WISHLIST TODAY!) you will travel the hellscape known as Damnation, solving mysteries, unlocking secrets, and surviving endless dangers on your quest for Salvation.

trail of the dead wagon animation

You and your party will travel the land in an Oregon Trail style of gameplay filled with unnerving encounters along the way. Be careful - dangers lurk around every evening:

Trail of the Damned Bad News Notice

The art style is very stark and full of contrast - meant to evoke the feelings of darkness and dread appropriate to such a world of horrors.

Trail of the Damned Zombie Face Art

The game invites you to explore these horrors at your own pace. Along the way you'll find a land filled with mystery, possibility, and danger.

Trail of the Damned Mountain Screenshot

Trail of the Damned is still in development, so please head over to Steam and wishlist it today! If you're interested in following the game as it develops, you can continue to follow these articles or follow the Silhouette Games Twitter account because there are frequent updates you won't want to miss.

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