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Post news RSS Tr-Zero - Dev Playtesting - Video 2

Gameplay video of current build, running some tests.

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- Prototyping some new sounds from Eddie (WIP)
- Sound barrier test (WIP, just volume control at the moment)
- 1000cc class
- Weapon race, bike respawn system
- Bike Model, WIP Dave
- Phantom Environment, Solids, WIP Vince.
- Music (by me)

And found a bug at the end of the race -1th position lol. Race tracker debugging tomorrow :)

Jez_Huntsman - - 144 comments

Will there be jumps or environmental hazards on any courses in the future?

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Fourdee Author
Fourdee - - 37 comments

Hi Jez,
I'am hoping to test jumps in future track surface designs. So yes, its planned.
There was a few parts of the framework that needed reworking (RaceTracker) before it would be compatible with jump systems.

Environmental Hazards, never really planned this due to the sheer amount of bikes fighting against each other.
I have planned for Mines to be a weapon, so expect more things in the future :)

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MikeHense - - 7 comments

i've been following this project since it's inception, and have watched it progress far beyond what i thought would be possible... great action and amazing visuals guarantee an exhilarating experience... built on one of the best overlooked DX11 based game engines (the Oddity 2 Game Engine), TR-Zero is a winner!


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Fourdee Author
Fourdee - - 37 comments

Thanks Mike for your kind words, appreciate it.
Its been a long road (as you know from the 3Drad version lol :)), still lots to do.
This time the project is massive, and, i'am lucky to have a small talented indie team onboard, helping to make TR-Zero something special :D

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Guest - - 692,517 comments

Same as Mike, it was great when you started off and now its turning into something real special. Fantastic work Fourdee you've come a long way, look forward to getting my hands on it when you're done.


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Fourdee Author
Fourdee - - 37 comments

Thanks Cyper, great to hear from you! :D

Are you still developing in Unity with Grim? Would love to catch up with you guys, its been a while!

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Cypermethrin - - 1 comments

Yeah we're both still going with Unity, loving the new possibilities, got a couple of things in the pipeline for the Ouya console.
Just signed up on here so I'll keep in touch

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Guest - - 692,517 comments

Oh my. This is... amazing.

I too have been here for a while watching the project and I have to say it's come a loooooooong way from the one-biked plane bicycle physics test thing I have from the original thread.

I really hope you guys see this project through as it will be the first racing game I ever purchase myself. :)

- Dillon

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Fourdee Author
Fourdee - - 37 comments

Hi Dillon,

Great to hear from you, and, thanks for your kind words, appreciate it.

Must of been over 3+ years i've spent on this whole project, including the 3Drad prototyping and learning curve.
I still remember testing a Pcar in 3Drad and trying to replicate local gravity , before moving onto Vector3 and Quats, hence why 40 bikes is achievable in C++, well worth it!

Lucky to be using such a great game engine (OE2) which allows for everything to be achievable in the project.
I just hope with the teams help, we can pull off a game you'd enjoy playing :)

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gamedeveloper0 - - 1 comments

i have seen the movie. but this game is easily better than it!

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