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Today is the day. The release of v0.2 of the playable demo of The Master's Eye.

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Release v0.2 of The Master's Eye demo

Today saw the release of v0.2 of the playable demo of The Master's Eye. Just as the previous release it contains the first 2 missions (Felsgrate and Escape the Dungeon) of the game, but all is more polished and close to how it will be in the final release.

Ambience enhancement of the 1st mission

A lot has been done on improving the overall ambience as you can see in the image above. Furthermore the possibility to play the game with a 12 button, dual stick gamepad has been added and the keyboard functionality has been completed. Also fixed a few bugs and added a lot of optimizations to the game.

Dwarves in the dungeon

As said in the previous post, the demo contains all the functionality (which is also extended in comparison with the previous release) you will find in the final version and the aim is to keep the save and load options the same, so when the final game will be released, you can continue where the demo ended.

The very extensive manual is now accessible in the game, but also a HTML and a printable version is included. In the manual there is a walk-through guide to get you going.

Extensive in-game manual

The new release can be downloaded from indieDB (select the download tab above and make sure you select v0.2 of the downloads), from the R.G.S. -website or from The Master's Eye website .

Mercenary Campsite in 1st mission

If you take the effort to download, install and play The Master's Eye demo, it will be appreciated if you post a remark, comment or suggestions about the game.

The Master's Eye playable demo v0.2

Thank you for reading this and I hope you will enjoy this.


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