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What do i need To-Do Summary, Modeling, animation,...

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-Tiles Modelen en Texturen:

-GasStation tile

-Variations of houses

-Small Hospital

-Street and Variatons (corners etc..)

-gun Store

-variations of forest


-Pills (increase max health)

-MedPack (Heal health)

-Diffrent Ammo (different guns, maybe diffent damage ammo)

-Snacks (increase stamina)

-Cevlar (Non Regen Shield)

4 guns (Modeling / texturing / animation)

-Pistol or HandGun

-Dual Barrel

-smg or semi-auto shotgun

-automatic Rifle

Handen (gloves) (Modeling / texturing / animation)

Zombie Character(Modeling / Texturing en animation)

Different zombies?

HUD (Health / Time and Day / Shield or Cevlar / Ammo / inventory / Stamina / Maybe Sound?)

Tile Generation

-Asign Tilability Sides Value. (Example so that Streets are connected to street tiles.)

-Have Forest and City Area's

-Have diffrent Positions the loot can spawn and only let it spawn when with a rand factor

-Zombie's spawn on the tiles (the further the days the harder and more there spawn)

When hit u slow down.

Main Menu / Pauze menu / Change Keyboard Shortcuts…

Crates for blocking Passages and shoot them to move??

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