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A rant about any new players that comes across this story page.

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If you haven't played this story yet, please take a look at this post!

Is it difficult for you to adjust to new type of level design? Do you rather prefer cliché storylines like "You wake up in an unkown castle, find keys to escape" where you know exactly what to expect? Do you get stuck easily when confronted with new type of puzzles?


However, if you DO like custom stories with unique plots, new puzzles, a few new mechanics and custom stuff, feel free to download.

A lot of you are giving me legit critisism, feedback and nice reviews. I appreciate that a lot. But there are also a lot of you people that gets confused when they play stories like this. Especially in Youtube videos. I see people with this story, Dark case and Final revelations going full confused, even with simple puzzles, because they are unfamilliar with the level design, game mechanics, etc.

I'm getting tired of people that get stuck simply because they don't pay attention to the storyline, at all. IF you pay attention but still get stuck, that's absolutely fine. Some puzzles are hard, I admit that and I am aware of that, but people that gets agressive when they see weird, new content and get stuck because they aren't familiar with anything besides cliché "You wake up in an unkown castle with Amnesia, find keys to escape" are the majority of Youtubers playing my stories.

So I'm telling you, if you are one of those players, keep moving. This is not the story for you. Feel free to download though if you do like something more unique.

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