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We are slowly getting to the point where we're polishing the game and getting it ready for you to play 🤫

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Commanders! ⚔️

We are slowly getting to the point where we're polishing the game and getting it ready for you to play 🤫 This month we were not only ticking off things from our "to-do list" but also working closely with playtesters and polishing the game based on their reactions and feedback.

IMG 87631

Anyway, what's changed outside of typical bug fixing, UI adjusting, and polishing already implemented features?

Upgraded party's downtime

We want the resting mechanic to play an important role in Zoria's gameplay. On the one hand, because of the strategic point of view and how it benefits the party. The player can organize camps to heal wounded followers or exchange them for new ones. On the other hand, because of the bonds the player can establish with various characters.

Since Zoria is a roleplaying game, we implemented a dialogue system during the rest, enabling the player to learn more about the followers they're traveling with, get to know them better, and decide who they like best.

Screenshot 2023 02 13 11 22 52

Moreover, we designed some quests that can be triggered by setting up the camp, so beware! It could be wildlife or bandits attacking or a follower coming up to you and saying, "we need to talk." It's hard to say which one is worse 😬

A more dynamic camera during dialogue

Some quest dialogue would benefit from more dynamic camera action. We improved close-ups to make it look and feel better 😜

Zrzut ekranu 20230224 124139

Follower's status changes when they're not an active member of the party

The game treats the follower as an NPC unless they get recruited to the party. The player can interact with NPC followers and see them roaming in the world when they're out of duty. Additionally, followers' models will respond in real-time to the player changing their gear and weapons.

New equipment

Speaking of which, we got our characters some new armor and equipment designs! We're integrating them with the character creator to give players more options to customize their hero. We're still planning on adding even more armor in the future, not only for fashion's sake 😉

Screenshot 2023 02 08 13 04 59

There is some exciting news coming soon 😉 Stay tuned!


Until next time ⚔️

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