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Timberborn Closed Beta has officially started! We're sending out first batch of keys right now and if you haven't signed up yet, don't fret - you can still do so.

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Timberborn Closed Beta has officially started! The first batch of beta keys is being sent out now so check your Discord inboxes. The number of keys is limited but if you don't receive one today, don't fret, we will be sending them in rounds over the coming weeks. And, if you haven't already done so, you can still sign up for the beta here.

Our goal for the beta is to hear your honest feedback about the game in its new incarnation. Timberborn is still far from the complete experience we have in mind but we strive to make Timberborn the greatest beaver builder of all time. And that is only possible with your help, so please join the discussion on Discord and on the forums. Discord is also the best place to find the latest streams and videos.

What has changed

Almost every aspect of the game has been redesigned since the alpha. The game looks and plays differently.


Most of the graphics including the terrain and all buildings have been redone in some way. Our focus was exploring the best art style for the new architecture system. Let us know what you think!

Vertical building

Buildings can now be stacked atop each other or built on the water. Homes and warehouses in particular can form multi-storey complexes.

Map editor

You can create custom maps using the built-in editor. The game also features three totally new maps. Also, the maximum terrain height has been increased to 16 - check out the Canyon map for a glimpse of the possibilities that it brings.


This consisted of tens of smaller changes but the biggest one by far is the new path finding algorithm which fixes a lot of the old pathing bugs and improves performance. More optimizations will come in future updates.

And more...

  • ...you can find the complete list here.

How do I follow the beta

Join our Discord channel to get up-to-date development news, streams and videos and to chat with the community.

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