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THREAD is now out, and ready to play. But for anyone that plays, I have a simple question or two.

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Hi there,

THREAD Is out and I'm happy it is. But I just have a simple request for anyone that plays it and tries it out!

1: For anyone that downloads the game, and tries to discover the story, please record you're gameplay, and upload it to YouTube! Anyone that does, I plan on updating the game, and I will gladly add you're name, (Channel name!) Or any other social media name you desire. It's a small game, and I really want my dream to come true with development. Get this game out there!

2: Thanks for even downloading it, If anyone can, please write a comment down below on it, I'm only a young developer, and again! The game only took me about a week to complete. Either way, It'd be nice!

3: If you can, please post this game anywhere you can to get it played more! I really want this to be a great first game I will ever develop.

Thank you for playing THREAD, If you enjoyed the story, please share this game!

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