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Information from both allied and axis HC players and up coming event on the 8th.

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tman TMAN

S! Soldiers of WWII Online, lots of great battles are underway and we're at day 34 in Campaign 171. I'd like to remind everyone to sign up for Operation Fury IV at www.wwiionline.com/fury which is coming up on Sunday March 8th and starts at 10AM Server Time. OP Fury is intended to provide large scale combined arms (and organized) game play, and signing up is essential! This report will include a written report from the Allied Commander in Chief "Justinrot," as well as a report from the Axis Campaign Commander "Eyeshank." Congratulations to the Officer(s) and Player(s) of the week! Keep reading to see more and join me in congratulating great player efforts!


We'd like to make a quick mention that the High Command tools are being shipped from Dallas to Portland this week and should be operational again within the next 2 weeks. We also have active development underway (still) by B2K on HC Tools 2.0 which will eventually replace the older tools. Thanks for your patience to all High Command officers as we work to get this once again operational.


S! all keep up the great work and working as a team. I also want to welcome our new AHC officer pfipfu welcome to the AHC family. Combat After Action Report: Feb. 22 Allied force started armor column to Thulin with fort mobile spawns and ATG guns. We kept pounding the town for 1 hour and half nobody give up the German had it well defends also . Allied finally cracked open the town the Germans surrender to us . The Germans were hitting Valenciennes but it’s a slow attack for them. German still control a lot of the forward bases. Allied Officer of the week: Grunt768: For displaying outstanding leadership as an Allied High Command Officer. Allied Player of the week: Foe2: For his consistent efforts in defending Allied towns that were in need. Allied Squad of the week: A-Team: For continuously bringing mobile spawns to our Attack Objectives and supporting the battles as needed. Allied forces are doing really great with COMM’s. and marking enemy sighting. I highly encourage everyone join discord because it so much quicker on response time for our AOS and DOS. Sighting with the enemies. The main focus I want to work on is the fbs when the Germans have a Ao on one of the towns we need to have a squad to work over to the fb and start busting it. For each FMS we need to have some armor start rolling with it to town.


S! Soldaten, This communication comes from the desk of your Camapign Commander Eyeshank informing you of the current situation of the map. We are please to inform you that Axis have advanced to the shores of Allied territory breaching the English channel! Axis have pushed past the S rivertown of La Fere with a twilight battle of fierce monument! Key squads like MSK and feldjager have proven instrumental in guaranteeing brute strength when the moment calls against the Allies! Keep up the morale and work together to keep axis


Delems: For being instrumental in map / campaign management throughout multiple time zones.


Kacman: For outstanding performance during late night time zone combat actions. !S Eyeshank 171 Camp Commander Special mention: Sgthenning murderous tendacies, kardehk Air superiority, potthead 1-99(genuine awesomeness discord rebel)!! all others new and vets staying super awesome WWIIOL style!


Recently XOOM sent out an e-mail requesting further support to bolster development. I'd like to repeat that message, by encouraging all dedicated players who want to see the game succeed, to subscribe, and for current players to help by going to a Hero Builder at www.wwiionline.com/hero.. Let's have a great weekend of WWII Online action, report in for battle and get your Squad on the main WWIIOL Discord Server(s) to promote cohesion on your side.

S! TMAN Community Manager

tman@corneredrats.com Cornered Rat Software

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