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Post news RSS This Week on Elegos - Combat & Paintings & Rocks, Oh My!

A quickfire roundup of what’s been happening on the project this week.

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Systems and Mechanics 🖥️

Combat - Blocking

This week saw Simon set about tackling a variety of tasks, one of which included continued work on the combat mechanics.

Prototyping of the hand-to-hand and melee systems, with a focus on AI blocking during combat, has resulted in an AI that will know to start blocking once it has taken initial damage from the player.

Updates include:

  • Randomize the block (we have X% chance to block an attack)
  • Add visual feedback when the NPC or the player gets hit
  • Working on the NPC behaviour tree to ensure that they stay on guard but also rotate to face the player

Tech Art 🖥️

Olympias has had her hair done this week. Not quite happy with how it came out the first time round we have tweaked it and are delighted with the results.

Meanwhile, for the bulk of this week the tech art team has been focused on creating the rock in Elegos…

… No, not that Rock, actual rocks.

Sample of our Modular Rock Kit

Yes, better, those rocks.

Some variations on the textures and tone and shape thanks to the modular pieces

With some final tweaking still to do the island is slowly transforming from blockout to ROCK OUT, as our team diligently build out the Islands coastlines and cliffs using our modular terrain pieces, tweaking the materials and shaders to ensure that the geology of Phacos looks just right.

Other work has included:

  • More work on modular village buildings
  • Ensuring base terrain matches up with new village layout

Art 🎨

The Art slack channel continued to blow everyone's minds this week with some amazing work coming through from the team.

Filip and Magda close in on finishing their respective Marketing Illustrations as shown by a WIP sneak peek from Filip below. More on these in the coming weeks!

Meanwhile, Ana delivered some concepts for some pretty cool/terrifying Chimera (The Rhinolope being a particular favourite of mine) check them out!

That’s all for this week’s roundup, we will have more news for you next week but until then make sure to follow us for more updates!

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