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There are no Brakes! is a local multi-player, side scrolling platformer in which players work together to solve puzzles.

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The townspeople are escaping the deadly storm on the largest working train in the world, when suddenly the final carriage somehow gets disconnected! Will you and your 2 friends be able to slow the train enough to allow the carriage to catch up and be reconnected before it’s enveloped by the storm?
You’ll have to think of something because, There are no Brakes!

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There Are No Brakes Demo Release

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There are no Brakes! is a local multi-player, side scrolling platformer in which players work together to solve puzzles, this involves jumping across platforms, interacting with objects, determining a puzzles solution and cooperating with other players in order to progress, there are multiple themes referred to as ‘factions’ with each having different styles and puzzle elements in their respective levels.

The art style for “There are no Brakes!” is based around a world made of arts and craft items stuck together to create both the environment and the characters. The environment will predominantly be made of cardboard with other arts and craft items and toys making up some more of the defining features of the game. Each carriage environment is based around a certain faction that will be featured in the design to further define the look.

Each character has a bonus applied in carriages of their faction, these bonuses help the players solve each puzzle faster. The players operate under a time limit based on the distance from the decoupled carriage, the time limit is extended when players complete the puzzles in each carriage.

The Factions


The Adventurer carriages consist of a boat that was lifted up onto a flat-bed train car and supported with planks, the unique mechanics lie in the use of rope and pulley systems for moving items and players, as well as being used for the brake system and level completion. The Adventurer character may use their whip to swing to areas of the map inaccessible to other players.


The Ancient carriages consist of a small Pyramid assembled onto a train car, the unique mechanics are that each player essentially has a different ‘level’ with each being linked. The level is shown in split-screen, with each quarter of the screen showing a different side of the pyramid, objects can be passed around corners from player to player if the corner is accessible. The Ancient character may use the doors on the front and back of a pyramid to swap sides, granting them access to 2 of a pyramids sides while the other players only have 1.


The Industrialist carriages consist of an enclosed complex maze-like network of rooms, floors and hallways, the unique mechanics come from the fact that the map is hidden in darkness and must be revealed by player exploration, also decent sized sections of the level may be moved around, either manually by players or automatically by train movement, granting access to different parts of the level. The Industrialist character is able to light lamps in the level which proved a great radius of illumination, making level traversal easier for all players.

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