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Update for The Wizard's Lair v204 - contains a host of new content!

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Update for The Wizard's Lair v204

- Reduced price of game.

- lots of balance tweaks, bug and content fixes.
- Weapons and armour are now automatically equipped if your equip slots are empty.
- Added two new floor types: The Zoo and the Displacement Zone. they will appear randomly in the later floors(after DLvl 10) along with the Snake Pit and Labyrinth.
- Added some more item drops to monsters. Kill stuff!
- Added 3 new armours and rebalanced existing armour. New armours are: Half-Plate Mail, Chain Hauberk and Officer's Full Plate.
- Added 8 new weapons : Guardian Mace, Twinblade, Glaive, Obsidian Dagger, Flamberge, Golden Axe, Katar and Demonslayer.
- Added 5 new Monsters : Viper, Lich, Wraith, Spectral Skeleton and Twisted Displacer.

Hope you enjoy the updates!

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