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Post news RSS The Voidness - Coming out this week on April 7th, 2023!

The Voidness horror game is coming out to STEAM this week on April 7th 2023!

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The Voidness horror game is coming out to STEAM this week on April 7th 2023!

The new horror SCI-FI survival game that lets you play as a space specialist astronaut and send you in a empty world where you can only see with a scanning LIDAR device is coming out this week.

Steelkrill Studio the creators of the popular horror games The Backrooms 1998 and Trenches – have a new game coming out THIS WEEK on April 7th 2023. The game name is The Voidness, and you play as one of the eight astronauts sent into the void filled with just gloom and darkness to study its existence and the only way to see is by scanning the environment with your range finder device, however you are not alone. The enemies can also hear you from your microphone.

Navigate your way by scanning the simulation environment equipped with your range scanning device, upgrade, scan and mind your footsteps as every step you take can be deadly inside the void. Use scanning turrets to guide you in the environments, find upgrades, mark landmarks and more. Trend carefully as stepping on debris will make them hear you, same as if you are within their line of sight or if you make any noise. Something is lurking in The Voidness alongside you .. and the only way to see it, is by scanning.

What is LIDAR? Lidar stands for Light Detection and Ranging — it is a remote sensing method used to examine the surface of the Earth with dots and light and it’s one of the gameplay mechanics and features that The Voidness have to offer. However, the catch is there will be enemies roaming around in the LIDAR world and you can’t really see them until you scan them. On top of that – they can also hear your voice from your microphone!

Haven't seen the trailer yet? Check it out!


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The Voidness is a horror game made by one developer at Steelkrill Studio. This is a level-based game with puzzles to solve, and terrifying encounters, inventory system, stamina, microphone input and a lot more features. If you can, please submit your feedback and report any bugs and this will really help speed up the progress of the development! Thank you so much.

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