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Post news RSS The v0.92 of Yrminsul is ready, get it on Indiegogo!

With 10 days left on our Indiegogo campaign, we are thrilled to launch the v0.92 of Yrminsul! On the menu: visual upgrade, game balance and an attempt at Linux support! Yay!

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The V0.92 is here!


  • Linux support (for internal tests, we hope to bring Yrminsul to all Linux Gamers!)
  • Full visual rework of all the Elves you can face
  • Visual upgrade of FX for towers, spells and enemies' abilities
  • An enhanced save/load system
  • The game balance has been tweaked, thanks to the player's feedback
  • Minor debugging

You can download it on IndieDB!

Demo for Win32 - v0.92
Yrminsul Demo for Win32 - v0.92

Demo for Win64 - v0.92
Yrminsul Demo for Win64 - v0.92

Demo for Mac - v0.92
Yrminsul Demo for Mac - v0.92

Don't forget that, within two days, you can get 4H of gameplay if you back the Indiegogo campaign : Indiegogo.com

Have fun,
Team Black Flag

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