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Durnar has changed a lot since your last visit. Rumor has it that a mysterious Temple of Fire has appeared in the underground world. Are you ready to explore it and uncover its secrets?

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Durnar has changed a lot since your last visit. Rumor has it that a mysterious Temple of Fire has appeared in the underground world. Are you ready to explore it and uncover its secrets?

Watch the Official Update Trailer:

Check out the full changelog below.

New Mechanics


While there are no classes in Arboria, masks will let you choose class-oriented bonuses. They are unique items that can only be bought from the Masked Entity. For example, a Berserk Mask will increase Resistance, but cause your Yotun to receive more damage.


Portals now spawn in the halls of Durnar. These mysterious structures allow your Yotun to teleport between them for more convenient exploration. Get near a Portal to activate it and let’s see if you can now survive longer underground.


You can enhance your Yotun with Mutagens in the Lock Rooms between levels. There are three categories of Mutagens—Toughness, Strength, and Focus.The bonuses each mask grants to your Yotun are randomly generated.

New Symbiont: Shieldblade

Defense and offense are both important, so why not use both at the same time? A Shieldblade will allow you to do just that! Protect yourself from enemy blows and thrust the shield at them. It will then change into blades and slice through everything on its way. We bet they weren’t expecting that!

Yotun who gives his speed for safety gets none of them - Yotun Proverb

Official Temples of the Tail Update

New Mutation: Telekinesis

The Telekinesis mutation will grant you psychic abilities. Enemies who dare to come near you will be pushed away and damaged by the power of your mind. If you use it wisely, you’ll never be surrounded by foes again.

New Enemies:


Figgy is a flying creature that will either fly at you or attack from a distance with the projectiles it spits. Move quickly to avoid its bites.

Arboria - Temples of the Tail Update


Watch out for the reptank's heavy attacks and make sure not to waste your hits on his shield. The reptank may seem clumsy, but he can charge at you with full force. Sometimes he will raise his hand, but the purpose of this movement remains unknown—no Yotun has returned to the village to tell the tale.

Arboria - Temples of the Tail Update


Mogul may be slow, but its magical triple projectiles are certainly fast. They’ll follow you for a bit, so stay in constant movement. And if you happen to get too close to Mogul, don’t let its heavy staff make contact with your skull!

Arboria - Temples of the Tail Update

New elite enemies

Bio Moleshark (Sharquake)

Bio Moleshark is an especially vicious opponent with a varied range of skills. It can jump at you from a large distance, leave behind a poisonous puddle you don’t want to step in, or follow its mole-side and attack from underground. When it’s close, it’ll bite and kick you; when it’s farther away, it’ll spit projectiles at you. Better end the fight sooner rather than later.

Fire Chizard

Fire Chizard’s speed and ability to fly make for a challenging fight. When at a close distance, it’ll attack you with its sharp claws and wings. If you move away, it’ll breathe fire in a few different ways. Better stay on guard! Good thing it can’t talk, or the burns would hurt twice as much.

New NPC: Masked Entity

Do you wish your Yotun was more class-oriented? The mysterious Masked Entity can grant you certain bonuses...for a price, of course!

Masked Entity Upgrades:


  • Berserk Mask - Increases Resistance, Break, and Symbiont Damage, but also increases Damage Received
  • Wizard Mask - Increases Mutation Power, Max Mana, and changes mana regeneration from per hit to per second, but also reduces Max Health, Healing Bongo Effectiveness, and Symbiont Damage
  • Tank Mask - Increases Max Health, and Armor, but reduces Max Mana and Mana Regeneration

Arboria - Temples of the Tail Update


Main Features:

  • Masks (new mechanic): Offered to Yotun by the Masked Entity. Masks have a strong impact on play style and gameplay, each of them changes the overall Stats of Yotun and sometimes offer unique gameplay mechanics
  • Mutagens (new mechanic): A set of modifiers that affect different pieces of Yotun’s Equipment in a way that should impact playstyle. Obtained from the Enhancing Machine in the Lock Area.
  • Shieldblade (new strength Symbiont)
  • Telekinesis (new Mutation in 6 Element variants)
  • Ancient (New Symbiont & Armor Tier)
  • Onion (new negative Trait): You’re like an onion. You don’t have layers… you just stink.
  • Figgy (new enemy in 5 Element variants)
  • Reptank (new enemy in 5 Element variants)
  • Mogul (new enemy in 5 Element variants)
  • Bio Moleshark (new elite enemy encountered in a dedicated Arena)
  • Fire Chizard (new elite enemy encountered in a dedicated Arena)
  • The Masked Entity (new NPC): Offers Masks to the Yotun that impact his base Stats and offer different gameplay changes in the form of Classes
  • 20 new NPC Upgrades
  • Dungeon levels: IX and X (levels IV and V in World 2)
  • Temple theme added to the Reptilz setting
  • Mining Lifts added to the Mines theme in the Reptilz setting
  • Temple of Fire (new quest)
  • Grave Digger (new quest)
  • Halloween Event started
  • New Blueprints
  • New Ceremony cutscene
  • Added Portals to dungeon levels

New Armor Traits:

  • Capacious (common): Increases mana by 10
  • Warm (common): Increases Ice Resistance by 50
  • Cool (common): Increases Fire Resistance by 50
  • Rubber (common): Increases Shock Resistance by 50
  • Hazmat (common): Increases Bio Resistance by 50
  • Blessed (common): Increases Dark Resistance by 50
  • Impermeable (common): Increases all Resistances by 30
  • Absorbent (rare): Increases Stability by 30 & all Resistances by 50
  • Rapid (rare): Increases Strength by 15 & Focus by 15
  • Studded (rare): Increases Focus by 15 & Toughness by 15
  • Brawny (rare): Increases Strength by 15 & Toughness by 15
  • Vibrating (rare): Increases Focus by 15 & Max Mana by 10
  • Spirited (rare): Increases Focus by 15 & Max HP by 50
  • Nimble (rare): Decreases negative attributes of Heavier Armor & Focus by 15
  • Mercurial (rare): Increases Toughness by 15 & all Resistances by 50
  • Burly (rare): Increases Toughness by 15 & Max HP by 50
  • Deterrent (rare): Increases Toughness by 15 & after you take damage from a melee attack, returns a percentage of the damage to the attacker
  • Robust (rare): Increases Strength by 15 & Stability by 30
  • Healthy (rare): Increases Max HP by 150
  • Amplified (rare): Increases Strength by 15
  • Lasting (rare): Increases Toughness by 15
  • Instant (rare): Increases Focus by 15

New mutagens

  • Radiant Armor: When hit, your Armor emits an Elemental Sphere that deals Elemental Damage equal to a percentage of your Armor Value
  • State for Usables: Your Grenades and Rootraps deal additional Damage to Enemies affected by an Elemental State
  • Interim Rabies: The less Mana you have, the more Symbiont Damage you deal
  • Mana Return: Hitting enemies using Mutations restores a percentage of used Mana
  • Slimey Dash: Perfect Dash leaves a Pool of your Armor's element that deals Elemental Damage equal to a percentage of your Max Mana
  • Body Hits: A percentage of your Armor Value is added to your Symbionts Damage
  • Stockpiling Essences: Each Essence in your Inventory increases the Elemental Damage of the corresponding Element
  • Switcheroo: You deal additional Symbiont Damage when Attacking a New Enemy
  • Left Hand Juggler: After Swapping Mutations you deal additional Mutation Damage for 5 seconds
  • Dodgy Attack: Your next attack deals additional Symbiont Damage after a Perfect Dash
  • Accumulative Reduction: Converts a percentage of the Damage that is Reduced by Armor to Mana
  • Traps Happen: If your Grenade kills an enemy, it has a chance to spawn a Rootrap
  • Overkill: If your Symbiont Overkills an Enemy, your next Attack deals a percentage of the Overkill damage
  • Emergency Supply: When your HP drops below 30% you start to regain Max Mana per second for 10s
  • Live on the Edge: Perfect Dash restores a percentage of your Max HP
  • Thick Trickster: Your Mutations deal Bonus damage based on your Armor Type
  • Efficient Instruments: A percentage of your Grenade and Rootraps Damage is converted to Mana
  • Air Slash: Each Symbiont Attack has a chance to spawn a Wave that travels forward and damages Enemies
  • Elemental Preying: Your Mutations deal Elemental Damage for each Enemy affected by an Elemental State
  • Opportunist: Your Dash reduces Mana Cost for 3 seconds
  • Glass Cannon: Your Symbionts deal Bonus damage based on your Armor Type
  • Explosive Sprinkler: Your Totem shoots Grenades every 10 seconds that deal a percentage of the Grenade’s Base Damage Value
  • Swiping: Your next Attack deals additional Symbiont Damage the longer you pause between Attacks (up to 7 seconds)
  • Mana Combustion: When your Mana drops below 10%, you create an Explosion that deals Damage and Elemental Damage equal to a percentage of your Max Mana (60 second cooldown)
  • Fastball: Your Dash sends a Grenade hurling ahead (cooldown depends on rarity)
  • Fashion Troll: After you change Armor, a percentage of your Max Health is restored
  • Stay Healthy: Your Healing Effectiveness is increased
  • Multi-tool: Hitting two or more Enemies with single Symbiont Attack increases Symbiont Damage by a percentage for 5 seconds
  • Magic Trade: A percentage of Mutation Damage dealt to Enemies is converted to HP
  • Armadillo: During your Roll and for 3 seconds after it, your Armor Value is increased

New masks

  • Tank Mask : +50% Max HP, +20% Armor, -50% Max Mana, -50% Mana Regeneration
  • Wizard Mask: +10% Mutation Power, +25% Max Mana, Mana regen per second instead of on hit, -50% Max HP, -25% Healing Bongo Effectiveness, -20% Symbiont Damage
  • Berserk Mask: +7 Stability, +7 Impact, +15% Symbiont Damage, +33% Damage Received

Mutations adjustments:

  • Chakram Base Mana Cost: Basic: 3 - 4, Alternative: 5 - 6
  • Chakram Mana Multiplier: Basic: 1 to 2.5 based on skill power, Alternative: 1 to 3 based on skill power
  • Chakram Base Damage: Basic: 60, Alternative: 50 - 60
  • Chakram Base Elemental Damage: Basic: 20 - 60, Alternative: 20 - 60
  • Launcher Base Mana Cost: Basic: 1 - 1.2, Alternative: 3 - 4
  • Launcher Mana Multiplier: Basic: 1 to 1.5 based on skill power, Alternative: 1 to 4 based on skill power
  • Launcher Base Damage: Basic: 3 - 6, Alternative: 70 - 90
  • Launcher Base Elemental Damage: Basic: 1 - 6, Alternative: 10
  • Shield Base Mana Cost: Basic: 0.1, Alternative: 5
  • Shield Mana Multiplier: Basic: 1 to 2 based on skill power, Alternative: 1 to 3 based on skill power
  • Shield Base Damage: Basic: 0, Alternative: 35 - 45
  • Shield Base Elemental Damage: Basic: 0 - 15, Alternative: 10 - 50
  • Shockwave Base Mana Cost: Basic: 3 - 4, Alternative: 5 - 6
  • Shockwave Mana Multiplier: Basic: 1 to 3 based on skill power, Alternative: 1 to 3 based on skill power
  • Shockwave Base Damage: Basic: 30 - 40, Alternative: 0 - 40
  • Shockwave Base Elemental Damage: Basic: 60 - 70, Alternative: 0 - 40
  • Shockwave: Range increased
  • Teleport Base Mana Cost: Basic: 3 - 4, Alternative: 0.4 - 0.5
  • Teleport Mana Multiplier: Basic: 1 to 2.5 based on skill power, Alternative: 1 to 3 based on skill power
  • Teleport Base Damage: Basic: 30 - 50, Alternative: 0 - 50
  • Teleport Base Elemental Damage: Basic: 10 - 20, Alternative: 0 - 30

Durnar & Combat

  • Sprinting is now disabled during combat
  • Improvements to enemies’ perception
  • Enemies now have more awareness when spawning and react correctly when hit from behind
  • Improved target switching on gamepad
  • Adjusted damage numbers now sum up into a single value
  • Bigger enemies now correctly reduce time during the Root Survive Event (Reptilz Setting)
  • Adjusted Loot for quests
  • Improved Loot drops in the Reptilz Setting


  • Halloween Event started: Collect Candy in Durnar and exchange it for Veri in the Village
  • Pumpkinhead (New Trait): After you take damage, there is a chance that several Candies will spawn close to you. These Candies heal you slightly. The chance to spawn Candy is increased when you have low HP
  • Base Veri Stack Size increased from 1000 to 2000
  • Rebalanced upgrade costs throughout the Village
  • Changed the scrap value obtained from items (3x less)
  • New sounds and voice overs

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Chakram missiles flying through walls
  • Fixed an issue where new Elements weren’t set in the dungeon if the player skipped certain threshold floors using the Elevator
  • Fixed Ice Bongo Shield to correctly clamp received damage when the shield breaks
  • Fixed an issue with the Dungeon generating rooms without an exit
  • Fixed an issue with hit sound effects being heard from anywhere in the dungeon
  • Many other minor fixes


Another Arboria update is now released! The Temples of the Tail Update is the fifth major update and more are coming in the future. Keep following the game on Steam to stay up to date with monthly improvements.

Check the full development roadmap to find out what’s planned for the future: Arboria - Roadmap of Updates.


Have you played the new update yet? Head to the comments section, Steam Discussions, or Discord and let us know what you think!

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