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Behold the TechWheel! Here you research new technology and upgrades to help your cause.

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The way tech works in Industry is each company will have a random yet balanced technology tree set out at the beginning of the game. So you might have a satellite laser but no tactical nuke missile, where as the opposite team might be the other way around.

This will keep things fresh so you dont see the whole tree on the first game, also means you have to adapt your strategies accordingly.

Alternatively you could sneak into the enemy's research facility and steal the bits of tech from them that you don't have, although not an easy task.

Another important thing to note is unlike a lot of other games, I want an upgrade to make a graphical difference as well as a statistical one. So upgrading your lasers fire power will make the beam thicker or brighter.


I love the idea of randomized tech trees!

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Hesky1 Author

The way I'm planning on working it is each bit of tech is assigned a value and a chance of appearing, each company then has a maximum number of technology points. So when the game starts all those techs are deducted from the main pool starting at the lowest tech and working its way up the tree until the company tech pool is empty leaving a nice random but hopefully balanced tree. That's the theory anyway.

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