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Post news RSS The Tanks update 0.7 alpha is out!

Hello everyone! A lot of time have passed since the last update and there is a lot of changes that has been made. Down there, you can find description of changes. There was more issues, that I have been working on eg. new enemy control system, AI, audio system, some rendering changes and a lot of small changes and fixes. I would like to tell you about main parts of the game, that has been changed...

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1) First of all - new GUI and abillity to turn the turret of the tank. All game modes have updated GUI and there is new menu where players can customize their tanks. You can now rotate turret and shoot at any direction (as long as the gun you use isn't fixed in place).

New turret feature changed game balance a lot and my future work will be focused on making game challangeing, but not unplayable. For now, because difficulty model is present, but not yet set, the game is little too hard to play.

2) The other thing that has been reworked is environment system. It's still under development, but core elements are already in the game. I have added road system (which will be improved soon - you may notice some glitches on roads now) and better environment system: possibility to set colour of the day and night for every environment type, environment sets that can be randomly generated and a copule of new environment elements.

Next update will propably be focused on environment. I am currently working at a copule of new models. I will also add a bunch of new trees, bushes and other nature features.

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3) A lot of new enemies. Mainly heavy tanks. And era-based system of categorizing enemies. Heavy tanks are not too different yet, but I tried to at least change their turrets rotate speed and main speed.

There are still enemies that I am working at. For example Panther tank is still under development, and T-34 and Mirage tank models are not finished.

4) Network support. I started to make network elements for The Tanks. I have created entire logging and authenticating service, but I don't have any server yet, so this parts are still disabled.

One more thing. Because Dropbox.com disabled a possibility to execute games from their servers via HTML, I am forced to put The Tanks as a standalone, downloadable version. Link bellow:

Dropbox.com tanks 0.7 alpha.zip?dl=0

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