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A brief glimpse of the story of Ashes (full reveal on June 5, 2013)

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Ashes follows Brian Hawthorne, a man reeling from the tragic death of his daughter, Katie. The death was officially explained as a car accident - but only Brian knows the truth.

Katie wasn't in the car.

Katie was attacked by something.

Every attempt to inform the police has been met with ridicule. He has spent years in seclusion, reading thousands of books in a desperate attempt to identify his daughter's killer.

Within one of her notebooks, Brian discovers numerous sketches and references to a mysterious location referred to only as the "Gate".

A day later, the attacks begin.

He doesn't know what they are, but they are stalking him relentlessly, feeding on his fear. He can hear Katie screaming in his dreams. Paranoia grips him.

He has no choice but to find it...or slip away in agony.

The Gate holds the key.


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