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Here is part of the first drat of the story for UW.... We hope you like it... we all think its a good start :D

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here is part of the first draft of the story for UW :D we hope you like what you read :D

<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml> Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 </xml><xml> </xml> Chapter 1

Ground Support

Sergeant 777(Scott) was deployed into action in Afghanistan to support ground troops who where under fire from the ULF. As soon as he arrived he was under suppression fire from the south-east. He needed to go south east to meet up with platoon F832. As he made his way through many resting forces he saw that there was too much resistance in the area for the ULF, they where after something.

- Scott report.

- Sir there is heavy resistance coming from the South east need reinforcements said Scott.

- That's a negative said command.

- Understood replied Scott.

- Report in when you find F832's platoon leader

- Yes sir!

Latter he meets up with the platoon in the middle of the plaza were they were pinned down . They are wounded, tired, and in pain. Sergeant777 knows that some won't make it out.

- command, come in! ordered Scott

- Scott status report...

- We need to be extracted now!

- Move west to extraction point said Command.

-Yes sir!

- Lets move it out!

- Yes sir! Replied the soldiers who were gearing up for extraction

As they push on to the extraction point they begin to think that they will never make it out of there alive. Scott also begins to think this is pointless until they reach the extraction point where a female soldier tells Scott that they are going on base to defined it from the ULF which is stationed nearby.

While Scott was fighting the base was being overrun with insurgents. The whole base was being attacked along with many other bases in the country at the time.

Communication was lost to the base when the transmitting tower was destroyed by a simple makeshift bomb. Command was hit hard but still standing and still transmitting orders to defending ground troops.



When Scott arrived at the base he found that it was abandoned there where vary little ground troops. Scott and 3 others where ordered to go into the base and look for anyone still alive. As they move into the base they find that the ULF have taken control of the base and have taken prisoners. Scott and his men pushed on throughout the base and killing countless ULF operatives. When they finally get to the holding cells they open up the cells and release the prisoners. Scott gets a call from command but it is cut off all he got was there is a bomb. His men tell him that they have seen them caring a big box. Scott then orders everyone to move out of the base now. As they go through the rest of the base they find an escape hatch that leads to the hangers. There Scott and his men get into a truck and head out as the base is being destroyed. Command radios in and tells Scott to head for command and asks for ground support.

Once Scott got there command radioed in and told him to stop outside the gate and a small group will escort you in. When he arrived outside the gate a small team met him and told him to follow.

-Welcome Sergeant777 it's nice to meet you said one of the female soldiers.

-What's happening?

-We are being overrun by the ULF and we are calling all units in the area for support.

-What is there reason for the attack on Command?

-We do not know, some soldiers said there after the OMN.

-What's the OMN

-Sir we have to move now! Interrupted one of the male soldiers

They pushed through the gates into the mountain pass seeing very heavy resistance. After they fight their way into the inner wall of the base they are met with many ground units. They move quickly taking heavy damage as they go into the base. When they get into the actual base its self there surprised to see that it has been breached and is under attack from the inside. Command radios in at tell Scott to go into the armory and protect the OMN from the ULF. There are many floors to get to the armory said one of the solders. Scott ordered them to stay and he would go in by himself. He fought his way down into the armory where he saw that they have taken the OMN to their base. There were no trace that they have been there. Scott has to think fast, then he takes off down the corridor and up the floors only to find no one. No one was left, he was the only one left at the base. Everyone had been wiped out by the ULF. He scanned every radio channel only to find no answer. Scott didn't know it at the time but they had activated the OMN and the armory's thick metal walls shielded him from the signal that the OMN sent out.

Scot had a long road ahead of him. He had to walk out of the mountains and into a town outside of the base where he could radio in to a base. When he went to the town there was some resistance. He had to work his way through the town killing many enemies without radio contact and no backup. When he reached the center of the town he received a transmission from a base nearby.

-This is sergeant McClain... Report...

-This is Sergeant 777

-How many survivors on site...?


-Understood... Move to Extraction point... Due west

Scott was tired and exhausted and low on ammunition. There were no survivors and no one to talk to. He was alone and had to move fast before a search and destroy team came from the ULF base that was just a few miles east of his current location. He walked in sorrow for about 3 kilometers to the extraction point. An hour later he reached the extraction point. He was taken up in a black hawk helicopter to the base where there was dead bodies and debris of walls and buildings all around. He was taken to the helicopter hanger where he met with Sergeant McClain. He ordered Scott to go out with a special team out into the mountains where they have reason to believe that's where they are hiding the OMN. Scott accepted and got into the air craft. He had no idea of what he was getting in to.

Chapter 3


While Scott was loading his weapons and gearing up for what's was to come the pilot signaled that they where 3 clicks out from the designated drop zone. Scott had a bad feeling as they reached the halfway marker. They pilot lowered there altitude to keep from being detected on the radar. The pilot knew something wasn't right. There were no AA guns no resistance, just calmness. The pilot then looked up for a split second. Without warning a small missile from a shoulder fired rocket launcher hit the helicopter. They went down with a loud *THUD* Scott was thrown out from the back when the helicopter went into a spin and knocked out when he hit the ground.

When he awoke he was in pain but could still stand there were some survivors the pilots were thrown from the cot pit and thrown into the side of the mountain. All members of the team that was to infiltrate the ULF base where alive but barley. What was an infiltration mission was now a rescue mission. There new objective was to get out and regroup with the base. The only problem is that it's a 10 mile walk back.

They were tired, hurt and low on ammo the out look was beginning to look bleak for Scott and his men. They decide to move and hide to wait for a search party from the ULF to kill the wounded and strip parts from the helicopter. The search party never came. Scott began to think the worst of things. If the ULF had came and looked for survivors they would of taken trucks so that he could hijack one and get out of the pass.

-Sir orders..



-....Lets move up the road 2 by 2 cover formation

-Yes sir...

As they walk down the road they encounter sever scouting parties for the ULF. They had medical supplies along with ammo so that was a relief to Scott and his men. They pushed on and it was getting late. Scott knew that the helicopters they had had duel mounted inferred sensors to hunt at night. Scott had to think radically the oned idea that he had was to do what the original plan was to do, move into the base and get the OMN and bring it back to the US military base.

Hope you enjoyed it :D

ComradeHell - - 243 comments

Great story and models too. How many chapters there will be in game?

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trey777 Author
trey777 - - 112 comments

there will be 8 chapters... its going to be a long game :)

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Sarge127 - - 412 comments

Too long, New Updates, New weapons, codes, Entitys. We should make a PC game instead! just kidding i like the story but the name Sergeant777 should change.

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