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Here are the news in Pankapu: at the schedule menu and collectable!!

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Hello everyone, how are you, it's this time of the month again, here are the new features that we had done this month!

Today's schedule: a focus on the menu and one on the collectables. This will give you a better idea of what you'll be able to do and meet in the world of Dreams. All aboard the Omnia Express, here we go!

Omnia Express n°5

We wanted this menu to look like a book, as the tale told to the little Djaha'rell. The goal was to give the feeling of pages that turn when we switch between the different menus.


It's here that your Aegis as well as your weapons will be stocked. Note that you'll know more about the Nebulas in a next update! Just keep in mind that it's here you'll manage yourweapons and skills.

Omnia Express n°5


Nothing like a logbook to check your quests in progress and the key items you've gained throughout your adventure. Quite useful!

Omnia Express n°5


You will see here your progress in the world of dreams. At the same time, a navigator will help you find the objects to collect in each level (we wouldn't let you struggle all by yourselves! ;))

Omnia Express n°5


As you know, throughout your adventure you'll find fragments of Djaha'Rell's memory spread on your path. Those fragments appear as illustrations representing a striking moment of this child's life. Once you've unlocked all the illustrations related to the same segment of memories, you'll be rewarded by a small Turbo Media video.

Omnia Express n°5


In those pages, you'll know more about the game's background: the places, the characters, the enemies will quench your knowledge's quench in this well stocked glossary.

Omnia Express n°5

Omnia Express n°5

With the help of your new powers, new paths will appears, allowing you to find hidden secrets all over Omnia.


Hidden in the deepest corners of the world of dreams, those mysterious artifacts stand there waiting for a hero that will break their stasis. Wander around the levels and find secret paths leading you to those forges that will upgrade your weapons.

Omnia Express n°5

Lutanite Fragments:

Those steles filled with vital energy will allow you to increase your life bar everytime you collect 4 fragments.

Omnia Express n°5


Those steles filled with Anima will allow you to increase your magic bar.

Omnia Express n°5


Those cute small beings are the incarnation of hope. You'll be given the task to find them again and save them throughout the different levels of the world of Dreams.

Omnia Express n°5

Memoliths & Mytholiths:

Appearing as illustration that you'll get in your progress, the first are Djaha'Rell's memory, and the latter ones are the world of dreams' memories.

Omnia Express n°5

That's it! We hope you liked this new Omnia Express, don't hesitate to give us your feedbacks! And most importantly: WE LOVE YOU!!!

See you next month with many news from the world of Dreams!

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