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Post news RSS The Queen’s Fall Update is available!

Roll out the red carpet, the Queens are here! We’re coming to you with the third major Arboria update. Queen’s Fall introduces features such as a new Symbiont, Traits, Enemies, and much more. Check out the full list of changes.

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We’re coming to you with the third major Arboria update. Queen’s Fall introduces features such as a new Symbiont, Traits, Enemies, and much more. Check out the full list of changes.

Watch the update trailer:

New Symbiont: Halberd

Arboria - Queen's Fall Update - Halberd

The origin of this mysterious weapon is unknown to Yotunz but that doesn’t stop it from being very effective. With its extra-long reach and sharp, bladed end, the Halberd is perfect for eliminating enemies with a thrust or swing.

Never trust a weapon if you don’t know what it is made of
- Tzukal da Kooky

New Mutation: Chakram

Arboria - Queen's Fall Update - Chakram

Attack enemies from a distance with long-range Chakrams! They’ll never know what hit them.

Basic - Yotun throws a Chakram which pierces through enemies and comes back to him.

Alternative - Varies depending on the Element of the item:

  • Regular - Yotun throws a Chakram which travels further and doesn’t come back.
  • Ice - Yotun throws an Ice Chakram which circles around Yotun.
  • Fire - Yotun throws a Fire Chakram which bounces between enemies.
  • Shock - Yotun throws Shock Chakram which splits into two separate Chakrams which hit up to several times.
  • Bio - Yotun throws Bio Chakram which sticks to any enemy or surface it hits and continues to spin, dealing damage to the enemies around it.
  • Dark - Yotun throws a Dark Chakram which explodes on impact.

Thrown Chakram alwayz comez back... Just like your gud deedz…
- Gromm da Stoned

New mechanics: Shafts and Tails

Arboria - Queen's Fall Update - Shaft


Shafts are used to quickly travel to the lower levels of Durnar. In order to use a Shaft, you need to power it using a Battery (Rata is only able to carry one Battery at a time). Yotun can only travel downward so if you want to use them efficiently, you need to power as many Shafts as possible.


Tougher enemies in the new Biome have Tails which prevent players from one-hit killing them. At a certain HP threshold, the Tail falls off and changes the behavior of an enemy.

New Boss: the Bugz Queen (in Ice, Fire, and Bio elemental versions)

Arboria - Queen's Fall Update - Queen

The first boss you’ll have to face is—how shall we say this?—ENORMOUS AND HARD TO KILL! One minute you’re having a nice walk through a dark lair and the next you’re going head-to-head against a boss with tons of health that comes in three elemental versions. You want to progress to a new Biome? You know what to do. Good luck.

New Enemies: Bitey, Chizard, Warrior (each in 5 elemental versions)

Arboria - Queen's Fall Update

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about, there are a few new enemies to...worry about. Bitey is a real pain when he bites. Chizard is hard to kill when he’s flying around your head. Warriors won’t go down with one strong blow but you might want to focus on that tail first to make things easier. Just an idea.

New Traits: Crowd Pleaser, Second Wind, Sluggish

Time for a personality change? Try out these new traits:

  • Crowd pleaser (P) - Damage increased when having more than 2 enemies around you
  • Second wind (P) - Instead of dying you gain a small percentage of health once per dungeon level.
  • Sluggish (N) - increases the negative attributes of armor, like reduced speed and slower rolls.

New NPCs: Tzukal da Kooky, Healed Father Tree

Arboria - Queen's Fall Update - Tzukal da Kooky

Tzukal da Kooky

This update gives you a new contact to visit, Tzukal da Kooky. Find him on the second floor of the unlockable village and let him keep your armor in good shape. Also, have some cash ready for some passive perks.

Perks for purchase:

  • Elemental Armor - Gain the chance for each Symbiont available at the Keeper’s Supply to have a Random Element
  • Armor Dealer - Increase the amount of available Armor at Tzukal’s Supply
  • Armor Infuse - Gain the chance for a set of Common Quality Armor to appear at the Keeper’s Supply
  • Armor Reroll - Unlocks the ability to reroll the available Armor at the Keeper’s Supply
  • Armor Reroll Cost Reduction - Reduces the base Reroll cost
  • Decrease Armor Reroll Penalty - Reduces the next Reroll cost increase rate

Arboria - Queen's Fall Update - Father Tree

Healed Father Tree

Heal enough roots and the Father Tree will grant you access a brand new area filled with Shafts. Take a shortcut on your adventures through Durnar and get right to the action.

Full changelog:

Major Features

  • New Symbiont: Halberd (Toughness)
  • New Mutation: Chakram (in 6 elemental variations)
  • New World: After defeating the Bugz Queen players will reach the second World, with completely new enemies, dangers, and rewards
  • New dungeon levels: Boss Room, VI, and VII
  • New Symbiont and Armor Tier: Scalez
  • New gameplay mechanic: Shafts - located in the Lock Room, allows players to quickly travel to deeper Levels of Durnar
  • New gameplay mechanic: Tails - tougher enemies in the second World have Tails which stop players from one-shot killing them. When an enemy’s HP drops below a certain threshold, the Tail will fall off and their behaviour will change
  • New Traits: Crowd Pleaser (P), Second Wind (P), Sluggish (N)
  • New Enemies: Bitey, Chizard, Warrior (each in 5 elemental versions)
  • New Boss: the Bugz Queen (in Ice, Fire, and Bio elemental versions)
  • New NPCs: Tzukal da Kooky, Healed Father Tree
  • Armor Blueprints: Players can now find Armor Blueprints that enable Essence Combine and Ordering at Tzuakl da Kooky
  • 20 new NPC upgrades
  • 🍄 Modified Corridor Root Event: Survive a set amount of time while decreasing it for each enemy kill based on their size
  • New quest: Lost and Found
  • Music System Rework: Changed the behaviour of combat music to only trigger during events instead of every time combat is initiated; during exploration only ambient music is played
  • Blueprints for a new Symbiont and Mutation
  • New Ceremony cutscene

Performance and Stability

  • Fixed an infinite loop when trying to execute a Mutation while the player doesn't have enough Mana
  • Changed low shadow quality settings to improve performance on low quality settings
  • Changed option Motion Blur from On/Off to Low, Medium, High, Ultra


  • 🍄 Fixed a bug that causes stats to increase every time a player continues the game in a dungeon with a weapon with trait(s) that increases Focus, Strength or Toughness
  • Fixed an issue with Rootraps being put on top of characters instead of on the floor
  • Fixed an issue with Rootraps being badly placed on slopes
  • Fixed an issue with actions not being queued during Teleport Mutation Basic and Alternative usage
  • Fixed an issue with different items with the same Element canceling each others’ effects (e.g. using Fire Drooch canceled Fire Healing Bongo effect)
  • Fixed an issue with Launcher Mutation that made it impossible for the Player to strafe during lock on
  • Fixed an issue with skills not being interrupted when the player received a significant hit e.g. knockdown


  • Fixed an issue with Reptilz’ eyes not being dissolved along with their body mesh
  • Fixed an issue with Reptilz’ mesh material not matching their element
  • Enemies no longer display damage received when executing a suicide attack
  • Enemies no longer lose sight of a player in Events


  • 🍄 Rebalanced Loot Drop from Event Chests, small chests, Symbiont, Mutation, and Armor Stands
  • Exit on 5th floor remains closed until the Elite enemy is defeated
  • Fixed ceiling heights and many minor issues in existing room prefabs
  • Fixed the blocked doors
  • Fixed collisions on many meshes and polished existing room prefabs
  • Added new multipliers of Veri received from Crystals depending on dungeon level and increased gathering radius
  • Fixed the spawning area of the Bugz Queen Arena so that the player won’t get stuck


  • 🍄 Fixed incorrect rewards for completing the Arena of the Godz Quest
  • 🍄 Enemies no longer disappear at the end of the Corridor Root Event
  • Fixed an issue with the Corridor Root Event having the wrong material set at the beginning of the event
  • Fixed a badly aligned roof in the Crab Lair Quest when it spawns in the lower level with stairs
  • Fixed an issue with the Godz Arena Quest locking dungeon gates before a player has collected sufficient funds
  • Fixed an issue with the Corridor Root Event which was rewarding the Player twice
  • Added dropping Battery or Symbiont from the enemy in the Lost Warrior Quest and corrected the navigation mesh


  • Added Drooch duration bar
  • Added pop-ups notifying the player of increased Weapon Proficiency
  • Added a mini-map for the Village Second Floor, Father Tree Room, and Bugz Queen Arena
  • Added the Healing Totems icon to be displayed on the mini-map
  • Player’s elemental status vignettes and bongo wave effect now appear smoothly instead of immediately
  • Updated mini-map icons

Music & Sounds

  • Changed the music in the Main Menu to a new track
  • New music in the prologue/tutorial
  • New music in the Spawner
  • New music for each Theme
  • New combat music
  • New sounds and voice overs


  • 🍄 Decreased the root cost for Unlocking Village NPCs and some of their upgrades
  • Fixed Thrower hit boxes and interval detection
  • Fix for phrasing and balance of Weapon Master Trait
  • Fixes for Village NPCs upgrade descriptions and trait descriptions
  • Various other fixes and balance improvements

🍄 - Community feedback


The Queen’s Fall Update is the third of several major updates we are releasing on a monthly basis. The fourth one - the Reptilz Update - is now looming on the horizon with a brand new biome, boss, symbiont, new enemies, and more!

Check the full development roadmap to find out what’s planned for the future: Arboria - Roadmap of Updates.


Have you played the new update yet? Head to the comments section, Steam Discussions, or Discord and let us know what you think!

To show us your support, please consider dropping us a review on Steam. They help us a lot!

Connect with the Tribe on Arboria’s official channels:

Arboria - Discord


It would be better if you raised the camera to the height of XCOM: EW and mostly remained there. So your players see these units from above and farther away. Introduction of tactical turns wouldn't hurt the game.
Your models - as they are - might be hard to identify with from a "3rd Person shooter" point of view. They would look a lot more appealing, if you showed them in the style of Etherlords I-II.

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