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We would like to talk about the 3D art in Scarf: Walking with Souls.

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For this entry of our devlog we would like to talk about the 3D art in Scarf: Walking with Souls.
In Scarf we are giving lot of importance to the looks, and we are trying to develop the game with a true artistic visuals.
Since it’s not a realistic kind of game we try to approximate the most to the concept art designs.

A big part of this is the vegetation and the landscape.
Knowing that we were working on a meadow, our concept artist worked in lots of drawings that could be a good representation of the looks.

For the landscape, the 3D modellers made a huge number of rocks.
When the design of the map was done, all the rocks were used for making little islands and walls...
Here’s one!

User Posted Image

Concerning the vegetation: We try different styles, (different textures composition, leaves quantity, tops).
As you can see we make an effort maintaining the form of the concepts into the 3D, since Scarf is a game with a great importance in the looks we wanted to keep faithful to the drawings.

User Posted Image

User Posted Image

For a more detailed map, we include different assets on the map.
One of the most important were the roots.
Over time, this roots have increased their importance in the game. We’ll show something about gameplay soon hopefully.

User Posted Image

As we mention in another post, in Grassland there was a previous civilization, and only ruins remain.
The architecture of Scarf is composed of only a few assets, but these can be combined to make different kind of buildings.

User Posted Image

We are working to add some more detail on the scenario, for example WIP waterfalls.

User Posted Image
(gif of the wip waterfalls outside the demo)

Right now we are really happy with the atmopshere and colorful ambient, but we are still in process and we have to optimize and polish the results yet.
Hope you enjoy this entry! :)

User Posted Image

drjd24 - - 299 comments

The waterfall looks positively amazing <3 <3

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The_Cheese_Dragon - - 62 comments

I've always loved the concept art for this game, the dynamicness of the trees, the amazing landscape designs and composition is what made it stand out, and also reminded me of films like Princess Mononoke, and Howl Moving Castle.

To me though it feels like the style of the concepts has not carried through into the 3D assets and level design which I find disappointing, too generic, why not try going for the stylized painterly look of the concepts? Still its early days yet :)

I think one thing that was important in the concepts is the boldness of the brush lines and the paint like way the edges of some objects disintegrate into the air, like the end of the scarf or the tree leaves. I think this could be of help to you, obviously its a very different project however how they have created a painted look to objects could really benefit this game I think De-giovi.squarespace.com I would also recommend experimenting with making a custom post process material and using more unlit shaders, I think that could be all it would need to bring it to life.

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