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This is here for the first pre-release and patch to follow.

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The first release or Version 0.1.0 add in a few things

Version 0.1.0

-New Ideologies, Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism, Nationalism, Progressivism, Libertarianism, Ultra nationalism, Monarchism, Theoconservatism, Anarchism, Reactionism, Extremism (Islamic Terrorists).
-1900 Starting Great Power Leaders, and Flags
-1900 Localization
-parts of generic focus tree
-Queen Victoria National Spirit And Monarchist Leader for Britain
-Manifest Destiny National Spirit
-Political Events
- 1900 US Election
- 1900 Canada Election
- 1904 US Election V1
- McKinley Assassination
-Map Changes (Not Accurate 100% yet)
-Some German Leaders

The first update will come before 2017 maybe before December and hopefully before or on Christmas. It will be the Version 0.1.2 and will include

  1. -The Country Localization.
  2. - Generic Focus Tree Localization
  3. - A few more country leaders
  4. -Some more localization for political parties
  5. - Robert Borden Portrait (Canadian PM that's in the mod currently) also I am Canadian so if there is some biased im sorry, they may have some things before other nations, just not a focus tree but they may have leaders and some events, again sorry
  6. -Scenario photo for 20th Century Scenario

A few more things that I haven't completely decided on for the next update are

  • 1910 Start Scenario
  • description for 20th century scenario.

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