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Some item of food respawn on start place, make a reserve whith your chest, the random spawn of item is effective in 3/4 opening house, and in the map you can find some items in constant place. Permed death and all life is different with the spawn and the AI war and their random direction, she take in real time.

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Navmesh update and pathfinding to; bug fix and some news.

"zqsd" for movement, "space" for jump, "shift' for run, "c" to crouch, "v" to change camera, "r" for reload, 
"w" to kick, "p" to pause, "i" to inventory, "f" to drop your current item or weapon & "e" to take item.
 Death = return to menu. "o" take a screenshot but dont push it, that make a bug Sorry for my english.
 i'm french. Thank's for playing. Quit game (ALT + F4)(warning Key "o" bug) ; (return menu bug) and minor
 small bugs with some indoor ladder. This game is totaly free and is only make by me.
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