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The Maestros will close it's servers in the coming weeks, but first, it'll have one last play session with the devs, and open source all of its code and content!

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Dear Maestros Players,

Thank you for all your support over the years since we began developing The Maestros (in 2013!) and right up through its release in 2018. This wonderful game has been a springboard for the careers of so many developers who worked on it as students and hobbyists. With all of us moving on to the next phase in our careers though, we no longer have the time or the money to support The Maestros anymore. It will be removed from the various stores in the coming days, and shortly thereafter, the servers will be taken down as we shut down Systence Games itself.

To celebrate all the hard work of the team and the support of the fans, we will host one more play session on Saturday, April 25th from 5-7pm Pacific Time. I hope to see you there!

I'm also very excited to note that we will open-source the game’s code & content. ALL of the game & server's original code, inc. over 50,000 lines of code, and content, inc. 21 fully rigged & animated characters as well as 50+ acres of environments, will become available under a very permissible open source license so that future indies, especially those working on multiplayer or RTS/MOBA games can learn from our experiences. Perhaps then somebody can get the platform running again on a spare server if they have time ;)

For now, you can see the source code from the core game package (abilities, fog of war, units, server communication, basically anything you can imagine), and the Chat Server - with implementations in Node.js (original) and the Rust programming language. Much more to come, including our lobby system, game allocation, load test, player account, inventory system, and more.

Our team learned, grew, and had a lot of fun making The Maestros, and we hope you all had fun playing it too. Some of us have even continued working together under a new banner at Gamebreaking Studios. Feel free to keep tabs on the next generation of our work together at Gamebreaking.com<.



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