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Post news RSS The last update for Der Professor!

The Team behind Der Professor work on the last update for this game. Here are more informations about it!

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Actually, the update with the ranking system should already be published but now it is not only the ranking system. Our Team work now on the last update for this game (1.5).
We want to stop the development of Der Professor to focus more on other projects. What is included and what happen after this update.


Here is it. We know that many waiting for it.


You play on the known maps from the multiplayer against bots until you die

Short campain

This Update included a short singelplayer campain. Wait and see ^^


New UI

new menues, new loading screen and more.


As announced the ranking system comes in the next update.How is the statistics constructed ?
In the statistics is stated how many AP the user has, when he last played it, what version he uses and what rank he has.

What is "AP" ?

AP stands for Activity Points. For every activity in Der Professor you gain AP. The more you have, the higher your level and your rank in the statistics.
Other Players can see your Level befor your name in a lobby. In the Leaderboards he can see all other Information like last played, used version, AP, Rank.

Coin System (Microtransaction)

In order to finance future projects, we add micro transactions.

How it work?

You get coins through various payment methods. You can pay for it or get it for free.
For Free? Yes, you can get coins for free. This is funded by advertising.

What i can do with it?

With this coins you can buy access to special maps, server and features.

I hate microtransaction!

You can buy a "coins free" Version via Desura. This version do not have the Coin System!


You can chat with other players befor you play!

New Map!

Der Professor: Multiplayer become a new map. More informations later ^^

Community Game Night!

We will play with the Community every Tuesday. We will it annauced 4 days before it on Facebook, Twitter, our Website, Desura, IndieDB, ModDB. Stay informed.

After this update we will keep the server online and patch the game only when it is necessary

This Update will release when it's ready!

See you online!

brunocar - - 1,158 comments

cool, an sp mode, is it gonna be arcady like serious sam or old-school like doom

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MarcoSadowski Author
MarcoSadowski - - 53 comments

i dont want to say like serious sam. It will be more old-school.

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Guest - - 699,313 comments

Wow.. Thats a big update. Cant wait ^^

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