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Post news RSS The Interface Update (Alpha 0.35 - 0.36)

We've changed the whole UI and added several key features to the combat system.

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We just did some quick things to make the interface more simple and more intuitive.

  1. Right click to select/interact with items/objects/animals/etc
  2. Left click to attack (you'll soon be able to attack directionally)
  3. Removed click-to-move

All of these updates are being put in place to fix some potential problems with the new combat system. Here is our proposed plan:

  • Mana gain (faster regen speeds according to your heart level, max 100)
  • Sprint with shift (takes 1 mana per tile)
  • Punch/launch directionally with left click (hold to charge, takes 5 mana)
  • Block (acts like a forcefield) with spacebar(?), is broken when hit with an attack

We're also working on a new logo. Here's a preview:

User Posted Image

We also redid the GUI to be more minimal:

User Posted Image

What is Dwell?
A cross between creativity, horror, and adventure, Dwell aims to be an ORPG like no other. Settle, create a village, and defend your friends from the horrible creatures who lurk in the forests. You can change the landscape, farm, or hunt in order to survive the conditions-- it's all up to you.
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It's actually starting to look really, really good.

I think you guys should remake some of the older sprites, I think now that you guys probably have a bit more experience you could make much better ones. =)

I say that because, I can just tell which ones are the older sprites.

Another thing I would also suggest is adding a bit of random generation to the grass and dirt textures, as well.

And I also like the new name.

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BradyInstead Author

If you look closely, those are already new sprites. We also have character customization choices incoming soon ;)

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very nice keep up the good work the interface looks much better and alot cleaner!

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