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Changes to be made in the chase scenes of 'The Hunt for Slenderman'and special thank you.

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'The Hunt for Slenderman' Official Images

Hi everyone! In this news post, I shed some light on what is planned for the chase scenes in 'The Hunt for Slenderman'. The last few weeks, I posted images and videos based in the first chase scene. Even though I made major changes in the chase scene, some of the elements was still far from completion.

Elements like choices the player can make to get away from Slender is one of the elements that's gone through various changes. But fortunately, it's safe to say that the last implementation/change will now be made in that specific element. After all the testing, a few people gave suggestions on how this element needs to be played. After the implementation, there will be no good or wrong choices in the chase scene, there will also be no options shown in the heads-up text. Instead, the heads up text will only showcase the surroundings, the player will then have to type in text in what he/she thinks they will have to do to get away from Slender that somewhat relates to that current surrounding. This will increase the difficulty in the gameplay that will provide more of a challenge for the player.

Also, now that there is no good or bad choice, you're probably asking how are we able to get away from Slender? To set it straight, there will be 'exits' in the surroundings. So the player will have to guess his way out, but there will be subtle hints shown in the heads up text. The longer it takes for you to find an exit, the closer Slender man get's to you. Slender will still jump in a 'zig-zag' formation.

The info above explains the final changes to be made for that specific element as there is more than one 'element' in the chase scene. One of them is to add more images and 3D models in the background, especially for the intro just before the chase scene.

I just want to say thank you for everyone for their support and suggestions so far. You guys are awesome! Stay tuned this week for more news and previews! Enjoy your day everyone!

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