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Here we go with a new update after quite long time. Hope you enjoy as much as i enjoyed writing :)

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The Hero of Time Update 07/12

After a few months of mystery and no sign of us we are back with many news for you so we can release this game " muchTM " faster.

Heres a little overview of what we will have in this News.

1. Current Situation
2. How we are going on
3. New Music
4. Release Calander and Infos
5. Win a Beta Entry
6. You can help !

1. Current Situation

To be honest we havent been working on the game real much. I did have much pressure at work and a few things went wrong that shouldnt went wrong. Well it doesnt matter so we cary on from this new point :)

Here are a few "%" for you to see the current status.

Models : 50%
Speech : 35%
Music : 99%
Landscapes : 75%
Dungeons : 35%-40%
Overall Mapping : 50%

Complete Status 55%

2. How we are going on

Most of the finished Stuff is for the little Link. So we have something special for you :) More to that later. We are currently planing to finish the game early 2013. But dont worry ! You will play the game before that date. More to follow in the next chapters.

In the last few months i did learn very much about the UDK. Not coded stuff though in which i am aweful but i learned many new things inside the UDK. The most important stuff for us is that i learned Unreal Landscape which is a great tool to have beautiful Landscapes. For The Hero of Time that means that the new area we are adding will be completely made in Landscape.

Oh did i just Spoil our new area we are adding to The Hero of Time. Well yeah we are going to add an "extra Dungeon", "extra Boss", "new Enemies" and an Epiloge.

I know some people will not like that so we are making this optional.
Basicly this new area will feature what happened after Ganons Death and what last dangerous dungeon Link has to explore and why.

I also remade the whole "Hyrule Plains" to fit them more to your comments (Use the Engine, Addd more stuff ...).

3. New Music

We did contact ZREO an awesome project for reorchestered music as Tom Stoffel isnt aviable anymore for us.
We did ask them for the permission to use their whole Zelda Ocarina of Time Album for our game and they gave us the permissions and we are so proud to have them. If u read that we love your work ! So the good news is the complete soundtrack is done !

Here you can here some of them :) Tell us in the comment what you think about every song if possible.

07 Open Treasure Chest by makke007

08 Item Catch by makke007

09 Small Item Catch by makke007

11 Battle by makke007

18 Fairy Ocarina Get by makke007

Now the most important song for me :) A new Version of the Hyrule Field Theme

19 Hyrule Field Main Theme by makke007

28 Lon Lon Ranch by makke007

30 Kakariko Village by makke007

33 Goron City by makke007

35 Lost Woods by makke007

37 Middle Boss Battle by makke007

Now take your breath here comes the song of time

43 Ocarina - Song of Time by makke007

Sheik´s Theme <3

50 Sheik's Theme by makke007

One of my favorite Ocarina Songs

58 Minuet of Forest by makke007

New Gerudo Valley

68 Gerudo Valley by makke007

Ganondorf Battle Theme

77 Ganondorf Battle by makke007

Last battle :)

79 Last Battle by makke007

And some good music for the end:

51 Horse Race by makke007

But as you can see thats not all. Some numbers are missing. Our soundtrack is 82 Tracks big and is 900MB big in the game itself. The rest will come in a new update :)

4. Release Calander and Infos

So lets come to an important part. How we are going to release the game and when. Do you remember i mentioned almost all finsihed stuff is from "litte Link" ? Thats because we currently work on getting that Part done and releasing it for you to play already ! When youre done with that part you can save your game and carry it over to the next part.

So we are doing some kind of episode releases from now on. I hope that fits you as Fans or followers as you get your hands on the game faster :) If not Comment ;)

So heres an Overview about whats currently planed :

First Closed Beta Testing Aug 2012
Sensond Closed Beta Testing Sep 2012
Little Link Release : Okt-Dez 2012
Big Link Part 1 or Complete Version Jan-Feb 2013
Big Link Part 2 or Complete Version Mar-Apr 2013

To apply to the 2 closed Beta months write an e-mail to darknightmarestudios@hotmail.de and explain why you are the right person for this test ;)

5. Win a Beta Entry

Now a little Special for you.
I inverted a Song and uploaded it too. If you know the right Song send an e-mail to yuri007@hotmail.de with the answer and we will draw a winner who gets instant beta acess.

Special Remix by makke007

6. You can help !

So lets come to the last part which is all about you. First of all i want to thank you again for all the comments if we would be dead. It fills me with proudness (does this word excist ? well nevermind)
that you guys dont forget us and want released on the PC !

Next thing is. If you have any experiance with anything like paint Photoshop etc etc.
To make us some logos for our upcoming website or want to help with the game feel free to contact me here on moddb or per e-mail under yuri007@hotmail.de or darknightmarestudios@hotmail.de

Thats all for that news. In the next news i will hopefully feature some gameplay and a few finsihed places :)


awesome update, im sure many people will be happy to see this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes

Wow this is a lot of stuff that is good.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Amazing music :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
makke007 Author

Im suprised nobody found out the reversed track yet :) I´ll give a clue. It´s a song from Adult Link. So after finishing the Little Link part.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

I figured it out! I just sent you an email!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Great news! Keep up the good work. :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

actually i like the idea of adding a whole new dungeon and a new boss, i suggested you guys watch this vid( there is a part 2 on the channel i think). it shows the stages of development, there were even ideas of another dungeon, something with light i think!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
makke007 Author

Without spoilering it goes into that direction ;) Its more somehwere up in the sky *caught* *cauch*

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Firstly, just want to say that music was done amazingly, I was a little hesitant at listening to it at first because I haven't heard anyone redo Ocarina of Time music properly but I gave it a go and it is fantastic, best remake I've heard done by far and since it's not EXACTLY like the original it's got it's own sound, it sounds a bit fresh, newer if you will, like if it were done for Skyward Sword.

Also, I knew exactly what song the mystery song was right when I heard it even if it is backwards, I won't spoil it for others though.

Would it be plausible to show some early progress of the development of the game?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
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