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we have been working on this game for long time we had a great time and we would like to see it in light .

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The Game:

The game is an open world action adventure game , the story takes place in newyork (USA) in an imaginary gloomy way as gangs started to rule the city and control every part in it specially the governmental institutions they want to take control of newyork and make at as a country inside a country to start negotiations with the government , from this gloomy scenes of a ruined city a young man appear to save the city after what he had suffered because of his wife's death by members of these gangs , what had helped this young man to try to save the city is one of his grandfathers who had been a hero in his time , we will not get more deep in the story we will let you do that by yourself when you try it.

features :

- Have a new experience in a different new indie game that tries to take you in the experience of the AAA games .

- Have a look on an open world imaginary gloomy newyork city as you have never seen it before.

- Have a complete freedom exploring the open world city with no limits.

- Move in the city by your modified car and use turbo to have more speed to facilitate your arrival to your destination .

- Variety of weapons used by the player and the enemies .

- Move in a city with an estimated area about 8680.92 km2.

- Explore different maps as police station , fire station , church .....

- Enjoy the power of UDK with our game visual effects.

More features are waiting for you just help and support us by voting for The Hero

New update:
check out the hero trailer :

check out our steam store page and add the game to your wishlist


check the game now !!

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