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This is the last week for our EECS 494. We have released the gold version of the game - Flag Frenzy. Come and have a look!

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What's new:

We have redesigned the game flow(require 4 people to be ready at the menu screen to start the game).

We force people to choose whether they want to do the tutorial when all of them are ready.

We update the looking of our menu, and make it more appealing: when you are ready, if you press A, you can see your character says some words~

We change the environment model for the tutorial, to make it more appealing.

We fix the bugs in tutorial like players cannot move after finishing one task.

We update the looking of the statistics scene, to make it fits the screen.

We change the opening cinematic, to tell the player where is the flag.

Change the aspect ratio.

What's the motivation?

Since this week is the final week and we are going to have the design expo, we design the special game flow for the expo. We assume that every round, there are someone new who wants to play our game, and we want them to do the tutorial first before they start. However, there also are some chances that same players want to play the second round, so we also make the tutorial skipable. Since tutorial is the first part of our game, we want to give our players a good first impression on our game, and also effectively guide them to play our game. Therefore, for the last week, we spend a bunch of time in making the tutorial more appealing to eyes. We also fix some other small bugs, in order to make our game bug-free for the expo!

What's next?

This is the final version for our EECS494 project! However, if we guys want to continue with developing the game, we might choose to add some other levels and try some other interesting environment mechanisms(like wind, or water...) We have invested a lot of time in this game and it is a wonderful experience to develop something all of us have passion in. We hope that our players will also enjoy the game!

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