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Post news RSS The future of the Actors and other things

what is planned for the future regarding actors, some info on planned future additions and ideas regarding brains and craft.

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i hope to make some big changes/additions to the actors over the next few weeks
- remove the "initiate" and replace with the medium trooper (renamed light trooper)
- add new materials for the flesh, (remember the crowguard are highly evolved for survival)
- change the gib limit a little and make them stropnger against falls and shrapnell
- add a heavily armoured trooper, for prolonged outdoor work,
- add a robotic mech, for pwnage.

some other changes/additions planned
- add new extra versions of the guns that make explosions (eg the "N" series or the lascannon) with less rounds but a huge amount of explosion and shockwave effects.
- learn how to make bunker pieces, and then create sniper platforms, thicker anti-ballistics walls, cheap flims bunker pieces for huge underground complexes, ect.
-also learn how to make "bunker Devices" so i can add a door that doesnt take up so much space as vannilla, and a shooting slot that is only open when a friendly soldier is near it ( so that the enemy cannot just walk in after the trooper dies ).

-add a custom brain that is more of a communications system that also generates money over time as payments come in. ( to discourage the use of only the comms guy idea explained below)
-the comm's guys, who act like a brain so that if you are losing your brain you can drop a comms guy and extend the fight (not sure about this one,)

also possibly i will reskin one of the dropships, and add a bomber, or a dropship that comes with some kind of bomb gun.

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