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Post news RSS The Forgettable Dungeon - New graphics, ice world, fancy effects

Been busy with the game redoing the graphics, adding shadows, reflections, as well as a bunch of new content.

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Hey guys, sorry for the break in updates things have been super busy lately.

To get you guys up to speed I launched the beta for the kickstarter backers back in december and have been updating it, I recently added the ice world, and redid the graphics.

Anyway on to the pretty images, first up is a quick summary gif of the ice world update.


Next up let's jump right into the graphical update.

I went in and completely redid the rendering, it now features new lighting, shadows, reflections, and is much faster overall!

Here's a few pics and gifs from it:



If you want to see more about the graphics update, I put together a compilation video of the progress:

I also batched the dungeon and debris rendering, so the game should run much faster for everyone even with the new effects.

The game can even handle over a thousand debris now!


* debris were scaled up for testing purposes, but it looks really cool *

I added a nice fade in effect for the lights when transitioning from room to room, to keep things spooky.


In non graphics news I started work on the next level theme, made a fun fire flower enemy.


* Also you can now reflect projectiles with your charge attack! *

Another fun feature is that your character now wobbles around when you chat via text.


Here's two links to kickstarter updates if you want to see more.

Ice world update: Kickstarter ice world update

Graphical update: Kickstarter graphics update

That's it for now, next post won't take so long I promise.

By the way, if you guys are interested in the game you can still back it and get the beta + full game + name in credits via the humble widget below.

There's also a PayPal option on the late backer page, Late backer page

As always thanks so much for checking this update out and supporting the game.


Will we be able to instantly get this beta like now? I'll pay the 24.00$ if the beta has local multiplayer available and If I can play it now :D

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Rotondo Author

Yeah you instantly get the beta, local multiplayer is coming in the next update though.

You may want to wait until that comes out if you want your first experience to be with your friends.

I'll post on twitter, the kickstarter, and my dev log when the update goes live.

IndieDB will be updated a bit later since they require a decent amount of gifs and pics per update.

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Okay thank you! I'll follow up.

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Rotondo Author

Coincidentally the split screen update just went live today lol.


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