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Come check out the state of our Slave ship's Environments (In-Progress).

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Dev Blog 1 - Environment

In our first dev blog, we would like to share with you the current state of our game environments, now with a soft amount of models and textures, carefully crafted by our game artist.

We have been very secret about our in-game state, and most that were shown already were concepts and small sneak peeks, so today we decided to show a bit more. This is what you can expect from us, but remember this is just the start of what can and will be in the future!

Edited Print 2

As you might imagine, we are still in the developing progress, so anything you see is final, and is very much subject to changes in the near future, but despite that, we can still figure out together out goals and ambitions for the interior of a dark dirty slave ship from the XVI century.

Edited Print 3

There are still a lot created that wasn't implemented yet, that mostly only increase asset variety, so not much would change from the big picture.

Canons are always great to have, but very rare since most slave ships were mostly cargo ships at the beginning slave trading era and carried rich and valuable goods that could get stolen at any moment.

Edited Print 1

Unreal characters roaming around might be very distracting, but character and enemy models and animations are in the last moments of production, so they will be in there very soon.

Edited Print 5

Weird backgrounds and placeholders are very common still, don't be disappointed just yet, our potential and motivation with this project are limitless, we can do everything we want to, so if something is bothering you, probably is bothering us as well or is fixed already.

Some programming features and fixes and on the way as well, so make sure to keep checking our page!


Slave Ship 1

And this is our final location, the island of "Terceira" in the city of "Angora do Heroismo", where our main character needs to escape.

Sorry to disappoint, but unfortunately you won't be able to roam the island for now... that should not be in-game, and was mostly created for cinematic purposes. That decision was influenced by our scope organization, but can still enrich our story and environment, with a visual representation of the island that Bahati wishes all game long to run to.

Edited Print 6

And lastly, this is our in-game camera view for reference and a more playable feel to our game.

We hope you enjoyed this fast blog, next week we will come back with character and enemy models and animations, with all our concept progress coming together and getting out of paper.

Make sure to be here next week, always check our Twitter for more information about "Bahati"

"This rusty key may be my way out of here"

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