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Post news RSS The Descent Continues: Depths of Sanity Chapter 5 is now in Early Access!

Chapter 5 brings Abe to the game's biggest and most horrific environment yet – Whale Fall. Check out what's new here.

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Rotted Whale

Hey Everyone,

Big News: Chapter 5 of Depths of Sanity has arrived in early access, and it brings Abe to the most horrific (and largest) environment yet – Whale Fall. Check out the launch trailer here:

If you’ve already been playing along with us, we hope you enjoy the penultimate chapter! But if you’re new, here’s what you’re in for:

Depths of Sanity is an underwater metroidvania nightmare. You play as Abe Douglas, a Commander in the G.O.A.A. tracking down the Baroness, a submarine staffed by his old crew that went dark while investigating a mysterious signal at the bottom of the ocean.

The entire game takes place under the sea, flipping a lot of the usual metroidvania mechanics on their head. There are no double jumps to save you here. Instead, you’ll use unique tools like diver suits to squeeze through tight areas, sonar to guide you through pure blackness, and tow lines to yank you through heavy currents, and, if you’re feeling frisky, send yourself flying into your enemies.

Screen Shot 2021 09 26 at 7 12 0

The full game will be 6 chapters, and Chapter 5 not only brings an all-new environment to explore, but also quality of life and balancing improvements across the game.

It’s a giant update, and this week only, you can get Depths of Sanity for $13.50. That’s cheaper than our standard Early Access price, and significantly cheaper than our final launch price (which will be $20).

Take the plunge and grab your copy here, right in time for Halloween!

And we definitely want your feedback, so while you’re playing, make sure you send us your thoughts either on our Discord, Steam Discussion Board, or DM us on Twitter.

Abe in the sprouted area

Thank you for all of your support!

The Bomb Shelter Games Team

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