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Chaos will offer 10 classes, each with a distinct role, with its own strengths and weakness.

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TANK, robust warrior able to withstand significant damage.
DAMAGE DEALER, expert at the earth of the fight, with ranged or melee attacks.
HEALER, powerful healer who watches over his teamates.
HYBRID, a mix between two roles, can get out of almost any situation.

Bromhar, the way of War and Fire

The Berzerker
Frenzied warriors, thirsty for blood and battles, trained to slice their enemies into pieces. Berzerker are fierce fighters, using axes and swords with mastery, follower of ambidexterity and guided by an endless rage.

The Incendiary
Fanatics who grew up in the cult of fire, these sorcerers are fearsome warriors who wields both weapons and magic, led by their faith and will to burn the corruption of the world.


Yshante, the way of Life and Hunt

The Priest
Carrying the breath of life, Priest can cure any disease and any wound. The magic of their goddess is so powerful that some of them have enough power to bring back the soul from the Other side.

The Empath
The Empathes are telepathics, able to drain the life energy from their enemies, and use their power to heal their wounds and those of their team mates. Their skills are so great and so dangerous that the existence of this path is regulary called into question by the Order.


Nerhacte, the way of Justice and Death

The Guardian
Robust and brave, guardians are strong fighters. Their awesome strength and their heavy armor protects make them very difficult to fight and it is a shield behind which teamates can hide.

The Paladin
Fervent soldiers of the Order, Paladins are warrior, proud and fair. Armed with their sword and faith, they are able to face any enemy fearless, while protecting allies with their magic.


Aelien, the way Chance and Fate

The Tracker
Expert in the use of bows and crossbows, Trackers prefer to keep away from the melee, riddling their enemies from the shadows. Their mastery of traps and their extreme agility allow them to avoid direct confrontation and to fall back when needed.

The Executor
Spearhead of the Order, Executors are ruthless assassins. Lurking in the shadows, they moves silently closer to their target, before slitting his throat and disappearing again.


Stabia, the way of Balance and Time

The Archmage
Archmages are the most feared and the most dangerous of all mages. Able to control the elements, they draws their magic in the huge imbalance caused by the return of Chaos. Proud and haughty, some Archmages claim to be the only ones able to close the Ymar Fault.

The Hierophant
Like the Empathes, the powers of Hierophants frighten and disturb the members of the Order because of their ability to see and manipulate the wire that connects each soul to his destiny.


Bromar, the WAR of war and fire. lel

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Fixed ! :)

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Way to steal oblivions logo on the Nerhacte ribbon

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Sorry, that was the old version of ribbons. It's fixed ;)

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