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if you are the puzzle logic solving game lover you can't miss it, the maze is subvert your imagination, you need to find the start point and end point by logic. there have many type of cats have special power to help you to solve it, there have 600 level waiting for you to solve!!

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Steam Page: Store.steampowered.com

🧠🧠the maze is made with a cat. follow the order of the cat, and solve the cat's maze. this game can train your solving ability, dimension controlling also memory.

How To Play:

The cat above will show the color sequence of the maze. You must follow the sequence to solve the maze route, which is a very test of your ability to solve puzzles!! The first cat in the maze, that is, the beginning of the maze, can be chosen arbitrarily, of course, according to the cat The color of the instructions, remember that the first cat will greatly affect the subsequent route, because the next cat you can only choose the cat on the upper, lower, left and right sides of the previous cat, this game will test your ability of logic, wisdom and see through the future download and play now!!!


special cats:

πŸ”₯ rainbow cat -can represent all of the colors

πŸ”₯ bubble cat - look like a cat with bubble, the first click will represent the bubble color, the second click will represent the cat color

πŸ”₯ four color cat - the ring of the cat has 4 division colors, each part of the ring may be different color, it can't be the first cat. different sides go in will represent different color

πŸ”₯change color cat-each side have different color, when you tap it all of the left color cat change to the right color, and all of the right color cat change to the left color


πŸ”₯ Handcrafted Levels
The games come with 600 handcrafted levels which will blow your brain

πŸ”₯ Simple Controls
The game can be played by just clicking the left and right mouse buttons, which makes it very accessible for any age. is the best game to training your brain

πŸ”₯ New Type of Maze
The game type is definitely you haven't played before, the maze that you must used the logic to find the start and end by yourself

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