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The Bonfire 2 Demo is now LIVE on Steam as part of the Steam game festival.

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During the Steam Summer Festival, The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores demo will be available to download and play, so don't miss the chance to get a taste of the game!

Download demo

About the game
A survival strategy game where you build, craft, gather resources during the day, and defend from monsters/raiders attack at night.

The objective is to survive and manage resources to advance and thrive in your settlement. And discover the secrets of ancients.


  • Place buildings and design your own city layouts.
  • The positioning of these buildings can be vital to manage certain resources and affects gameplay.
  • Defend your resources from monsters like wolves, chupacabra, spiders, and Tribal enemies.
  • Random enemies are spawned each night.
  • Manage health, energy, and hunger of your character units.
  • Characters gain XP, level up, and gain points.
  • Every character has a unique skill.
  • Craft and equip better items for workers.
  • Explore the world map and trade with other cities.

Come join and hang out with us on our discord server

discord 600 x 80  4

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