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Introduction the idea behind and a small Story around the Game

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So here i start developing this game hoping for fans and supporters rising as they like the concept. What i try is to merge two game styles to get out the best of both RealTimeStrategy and RolePlayGame. The Story behind is something like that:
In a future not far from today Oil became rare and as conflicts spread over the World it was the Generals and Commanders on the Battlefield that arose. Cities have been mostly destroyed by Wars amd there are no Gouvernments left to rule the World. It's only the fight for the last Oil and Oil means War Factories are online and Tanks are moving. Running out of Oil means the sure death for a Commander/General cause what is an Army that can't move? You slip into the Role of such an General/Commander with your own Mobile Transformable Base (MTB) while mobility means everything these days the MTB sucks out the Oil from Oil Derricks and stores it to Support your Army. Experience Research and several Upgrades should become available while Gameplay to customize your MTB and strengthen your Army.

The Multiplayer Concept must be something of several Gamemodes since i want Players to be able to fight Missions in Coop Mode as temporary allies and traditional RTS Battles.

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