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February 1st. 3 PM. Riga time... Early access version of The Art of War: Card Game is now available on Steam for everyone. Destroy your enemies, reinforce the power of your empire, and comprehend “The Art of War”!

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The Art of War: Card Game was released today, and the game is already available on Steam for everyone and is distributed for free.

The Art of War: Card Game is a card battler game in a fantasy-medieval setting. The mechanics of the game are somewhere between Gwent: The Witcher Card Game and Hearthstone, so fans of both games might like The Art of War: Card Game.


By valuable features of The Art of War: Card Game can be called the fact that it is tactical game, and not have no collecting mechanics. There are enough cards in the game, but much less than in the games mentioned above. All cards are available to players from the start. The video version of the game is a port of the tabletop version of the game, which is planned to be crowdfunded on Gamefound. This fact also influenced the rules of the game - the game mechanics are designed so that the game can be played on the table without using computing tools.


Even though the game was released in early access, the game has almost full functionality and includes all cards from the tabletop version of the game, online mode, game against AI, and support of modifications. The release from early access is planned within two months. Right after the game has been fully tested for errors among a large audience.

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