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short vine of some of the areas in the cave. one of the first levels for the guilt and the shadow.

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wireframe view of the cave inside unity3D

there are many elements that where just 2D plains with a texture that where not working very well. so some of the elements are being remade in 3D, so it fits a bit better with the moving camera. there will probably be a 50/50% of 2D/3D. not everything will be remade in 3D because some assets don’t really need the visual upgrade, and because of time/work issue. also, having more elements in 3D makes lighting the scene a bit easier/effective (shown in a previous news post).

ultra short micro cave teaser in vine

been play testing the cave and working on polishing it, so i decided to make a vine of some of the areas. one thing is to look at a static image, the other is when things move (not that you can see much since its sooooo short, but i guess thats the idea, keep you wanting more!).

the cave is one of the first levels in the guilt and the shadow. a place where you will visit rather early. or should i say, a place you will find yourself in.

also a preview of the title screen!

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