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So insignificant, you might not even want to read it!

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Good evening, dear viewers. You may recall that last month I relayed the terrible news that after a year of searching and replacing computer components, I still had a problem that was preventing me from working on the game. I've got good news and bad news!

  • The Good News:I've fixed it! It was the faulty hard drive all along, even though every HDD diagnostics tool I ran came up clean.
  • The Bad News: It took me most of the month to get all of that sorted out.

On top of everything else I've had to do (I put out another video review and had various other things I needed to write for my job) I have basically had zero time to work on the game. It makes it a little ironic, then, that the month that marks one year of solid, monthly updates on Moddb also happens to be the month I have nothing to show for.

I was going to correct this by outfitting the Moddb profile with some fancy graphics like other profiles get, but unfortunately, while the Moddb content editor thingy has a "Edit HTML" button, it's not actual HTML - I'm not up on CSS or any of that stuff, so it basically reduces all of the HTML I wrote to a bunch of ugly, unreadable junk. This is what I wanted it to look like. I'll still probably try and get something up that works within the limitations of Moddb's stuff, but that won't be for a while.

So... yeah. That's actually I have to say for the moment. The only reason I'm even writing this right now is because I always have a monthly update - but rest assured, work will resume as soon as possible.If you're really, really hard up on things to read related to the game, I pasted my generic introduction speech to my user blog last month.

But I will see you guys in June.

Samster01 - - 476 comments

Glad to hear your computers fixed Blaze. :)

Don't worry you had nothing to show this month, the previous updates and their high qaulity make up for this, I think.

I think the profile banner art is a pretty cool idea. Should add some nice visual flair to the STFH page.

Looking forward to seeing what you have to show next month.

- Sam

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