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UNSC Warfare is now in Open Testing - help come and test our features!

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Come closer. Listen

That's right! You can now sign up to open alpha testing! Fear not as our databases were wiped prior to you heading over and signing up so no one has an unfair advantage!


And signing up today guarantees entry to the beta of the Unity3D component assuming you participate in testing from now on. Fear not about progression and balance as over the next few days I have no doubt that a large number of alterations will be made in order to satisfy user input but for now I ask you do what you can and we will add the features as the testing ensues!

So you might be wondering what it is you can test and also what'd on its way!Well as of right now the following is in the game :

  • Buy Units
  • Battle Players
  • Message Players
  • View Players
  • Upgrade Units
  • Retire Units
  • Recharge Units
  • Change Ship Name
  • Level Up
  • Change Account Description

And over the coming days expect the following to be added:

  • Ability to Upgrade your ship size
  • Additional Units and Weapons
  • An Item Store
  • Basic Battle Groups (clans)
  • and more!

So there you have it. Many of you may of received emails detailing more than this, but it's all good - updates are here as well. In terms of feedback, please do one of the following:1.Contact us via the 'Report Bugs' link when logged in2.Use one of the following forums:

3.Interact with us through twitter, facebook, google plus, or youtube - the links are all over the place, and will probably be at the base of this post!

Here we are

It's been a long journey getting here just setting up the infrastructure for UNSC Warfare, however it will act as the beginning of something the halo community can enjoy! Be patient with it, and it will get better. Thanks for taking part.We can't wait to get feedback.There are a couple of known bugs, but we are actively working to fix it all. Anyway- please use the chatbox as well!

Jon Evans

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