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"Segatakai" first teaser trailer up tomorrow! BETA Testing is going great! (Click for more details)

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Hi everyone!

Our first game, "Segatakai", will see a teaser trailer up online during tomorrow. It's a small teaser just to show you the game's visuals and atmosphere, soundtrack and what you can expect on the release date!

Our BETA Testers have been working with us these last few days trying to destroy our game and find annoying bugs all over the place. Then I proceed to squish them with some code. It's all going amazing and the major bugs have been delt with and we're giving some final aesthetic touches to it while our testers bump into every wall inside our map. Fun times.

This week has been the first taste of watching other people play our game, and we're very happy that even people who are not scared easily have reported the atmosphere to be very oppressive and uncomfortable, and of course, jumping once in a while. It's exactly the reaction we were aiming for, and it's amazing to see that we might have just hit the nail in the head (hopefully this will prove true with every other person who plays our game!).

As I stated on the previous news article and on twitter, we are also preparing a small release event. I say small because we are a very new team, our game has only been exposed online for 2 days, and we don't expect a lot of people to show up (it's an online event), but it should be fun! More details when we have a fixed release date.

Thank you very much to all of you who tracked the game, commented and showed interest. We are very thankful.

Fábio Guedes,
Negative² Games

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